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Course participant reviews for Speak by Design

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Based on 121 reviews.

Rich, Chief Product Officer
When I started with Speak by Design, one of my goals was to have an impact on our industry by becoming more active in our industry association (Insights Association).  After a couple of months of leaning in on my effort, while utilizing your communication approaches, I am pleased to say that I will be moving into the President-Elect position.  I...
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Salil, Business Consulting Firm
My coach is fantastic-knowledgeable, constitutive feedback, caring, prepared, customized. Speak by Design University and Framework-Stephanie's lectures and coaching is amazing-such a pro. You guys are pros and care. More than just communication coaching-good business advice and mindset work. I would recommend Speak by Design, without reservation...
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Carolyn, Government Property Manager
The entire training was very valuable.  I have already taken what I learned from my coach back to office..Kudo's to my SBD coach and thank you for sharing your knowledge.
Harvey, Government Property Manager
I wouldn't change a thing about the training, this was a very helpful class that I wish I had taken the training sooner. Michelle did an excellent job teaching us.
Adam's Parents, Graduation Speech Preparation
Michelle – you may not have been at Adam’s actual graduation, but you certainly were in all our minds as we watched Adam do an outstanding job.  You are amazing and I give you so much credit, and thanks, for giving him the confidence and poise to give a memorable speech.  You would have thought he had been making speeches for years.  Adam told m...
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Dana, Program Analyst
My coach gave lots of helpful advice and provided some great charts / visual aids to reference now and in the future.  The training is well-rounded and thorough.
Moira, Organizational Development Professional
My coach is a pleasure to work with. Her feedback is genuine and is delivered in a way that is focused on improvement. Thank you!
Amanda, Government Branch Chief
The size of the class made it easy to share and also not too overwhelming to listen and learn from everyone else. The material was well organized and the exercises were relevant and time-appropriate. My coach was a great teacher and kept me focused and engaged.
Xiao Li, Global Fashion Company
We really liked our coach's approach and style. She is a perfect fit for our company. She's wise, geniune, observant and experienced in giving tactical strategies and approaches in dealing with specific communication challenges we are facing now. I trust she'll bestow a lot of wisdom and help us achieve our speaking goals.
Chris, Business Consulting Firm
A great executive coach and I found her advice to be actionable and tailored to my individual needs and where I am in my career. I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to work with her and hope to continue the relationship as I seek to take the next step in my career.
Benny, Banking Executive
I would like to thank you for the time well spent evaluating and reviewing how I would conduct a virtual meeting. Many aspects such as body languages and gestures have easily been overlooked and those key things may turn out to be game changers to make the virtual meetings meet the goals and expectations. This session was truly one of the most ...
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Michelle, Project Manager
I enjoyed this class so much! You have inspired me in so many ways. I just want to say thank you, and I will carry your lessons close to my heart. I needed this focus in my life at exactly this moment in time.
Andrea, Business Consulting Firm
Thanks a lot for the coaching on communication and collaboration-dedicating time to this and having a personal coach really helped me reflect, understand, and work on the behaviors, motivations, but also techniques that can hamper or unleash impact.
Greg, Remediation Company
My coach is very relatable and is able to take information and mirror it back quickly! It's very impressive and I am enjoying working with her. I am excited to practice all of the action steps that she gave me and see how she builds upon the progress that is made. Excited to be moving forward and working with an extremely organized professional ...
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David, Supportive Housing Firm
The coaching was extremely beneficial in enhancing my communication style and skills, I would highly recommend Speak by Design for anyone wanting to increase their effectiveness and presence.
Christina, Music Coordinator
I had a great experience with Speak by Design! It was terrific and I looked forward to our meetings. Plus, I got the job!
Audra, Healthcare Consulting Firm
I felt really good about the presentation. I felt very comfortable and I believe I brought joy. Thanks so much for all your help! Working with Speak by Design University was extremely helpful. I really appreciate all your insights-I wasn't expecting that kind of support.
Adam, Business Consulting Company
A phenomental coach and, over time, a friend. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and effective, she is also caring and I always felt she was looking to help make me successful. I have already recommended colleagues and friends!
Chris, Acquisition Manager
Made a huge impact on daily functions in the virtual environment and I found the topic of voice elements really helpful. All of it was really good.
Bob, Banking Executive
Thanks Speak by Design! The session was fun and provided a great structure for experiential learning
John, Leasing Manager
The concepts were simple, straightforward and incredibly helpful. There was also a very high level of engagement. After learning each concept, we would each get to put the newly learned concepts into action in an exercise. The small group size allowed for excellent engagement. Feedback was also very helpful. I observed real time improvement i...
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Irina, Business Consulting Firm | Leadership Communication Training
Virtual coaching has given me a unique opportunity to accelerate my professional development. The ability to reference the videos after the session created a significant step change in my learning. While in-person coaching can be a great experience, the recordings following a virtual session allowed me to truly internalize the learnings to get t...
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Alan, Real Estate Investment Professional
This training was very helpful in creating future leaders within our company. It is also beneficial in working inter-departmentally and up/down the chain.
Chase, Global Event Production Company
I learned I need to plan out my conversations, and I need better posture when I speak.
Nadine, Financial Advisory Firm
My training was awesome! My coach was fun and engaging. Very easy to talk to. She was also well organized and great with time management in terms of moving us along so we covered everything and keeping us on task. I felt that the sessions were well structured. I really appreciate being able to practice using real-world scenarios and look forward...
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