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Speak by Design

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Speak by Design

Who would you be with exceptional communication skills and no self doubt?

Let's find out.

Strong leadership communication skills make you a consistently compelling force for your organization. We are committed to helping people develop exceptional communication skills and presentation skills  that launch and transform their businesses, teams, and relationships to new heights. We help clients make big and small shifts in their communication that make their interactions unforgettable.

Your conversations, meetings, and presentations need to tell your story and inspire action. Speak by Design coaching, training, and communication consulting support personal and business transformations. The Lead by Design Method for building leadership communication skills and presentation skills is changing careers, teams, companies, and our communities.

Group training strengthens whole teams, practices, organizations, and cultures. Group training also allows you to grow and learn faster by watching others and seeing how a variety of styles can be successful. 

Contact Speak by Design to build a one-of-a-kind virtual communication skills and presentation skills training series for your groups and teams. Or, reach out to us to learn more about private coaching and tailored options for you or your people.

See below for a list of our signature courses and coaching topics:

Virtual Group Training

  1. Presence
  2. Crisp, Confident, and Credible
  3. High Impact Meetings
  4. Presenting with Impact
  5. Articulating a Vision
  6. 360 Leadership Communication Agility
  7. Handling Difficult Situations
  8. Coaching Others to Greatness
  9. Relationship Building
  10. Increasing Visibility
  11. Visual Leadership
  12. Storytelling

Communication Skills and Presentation Skills Coaching Topics

  1. Visual Leadership
  2. Vocal Presence
  3. Personal Branding
  4. Relationship Building
  5. Networking
  6. Managing Up, Down, and Across
  7. Strong Starts and Closes
  8. Audience Analysis
  9. Presentation Skills
  10. Message Structures
  11. Articulating a Strategy
  12. Leadership Communication Agility
  13. Handling Questions
  14. Influencing Skills
  15. Poise Under Pressure
  16. Media Communications
  17. Investor Relations Presentations
  18. Board Conversations and Presentations
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Why choose Speak by Design?

Instructors with 10+ years of experience in communication coaching and training

Deep and vast catalogue of resources on communication style, structure, and strategy

Customized approach based on each client’s communication goals


Leadership Communication Coaching, Training, and Consulting

Speak by Design is a team of coaches and trainers who are experts on personal style, message structure, and message strategies. We help associates and managers reach their potential through private coaching, group training, group coaching calls, video courses, and/or self-paced learning guides on communication topics. Services include:

  • Presentation Skills Programming
  • Leadership Communication Programming
  • Team Communication Trainings
  • Speaker Coaching
  • Transition Coaching

Speak by Design’s approach is tailored exactly to the individual’s unique communication demands. We are dedicated to helping clients become consistently compelling forces within their organization.

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Chemical & Basic Resources

Finance & Real Estate

Retail & Consumer Services


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Technology & Software

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Speak by Design

Aon Center
200 E Randolph
Ste. 5100 Chicago Illinois

Phone no: 773.412.4654


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Elice, VP of Marketing, Commercial Insurance
30 Mar 2022
I got the full funding I requested with no pushback

I wanted to thank you for your guidance in my meeting preparation.  Yesterday I presented my marketing plan for our new digital marketplace.  Not only did it go well, but I also...

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Salil, Business Consulting Firm
30 Mar 2022
I would recommend Speak by Design, without reservation, to anyone

My coach is fantastic-knowledgeable, constitutive feedback, caring, prepared, customized. Speak by Design University and Framework-Stephanie's lectures and coaching is amazing-s...

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Dave, Business Consulting Firm
30 Mar 2022
Most valuable training

This was the most valuable training I have ever received.