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Breaking Bad Communication Habits

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Breaking Bad Communication Habits

Has confusion or a lack of clarity ever put you in a bind? Have you ever found yourself having to go back again and again to clarify instructions? Or found that despite your best efforts people just dont seem to understand what youre driving at? Youre not alone.

Believe it or not, youre probably making a ton of bad communication mistakes right now. You cant afford to stay stuck in a rut, making the same bad communication mistakes over and over again. And thats exactly why you cant miss this vital career-enhancing good communication vs bad communication training session. Let us help you stop these problems before they start.

Even if you consider yourself a good communicator, youre probably committing some cardinal sins without even realizing it. This good communication vs bad communication workshop helps you identify and eliminate things youre doing wrong that negatively affect your communication. Register for this powerful communication seminar today and start reaping the rewards tomorrow!

Training content

Session 1: A Communication Refresher: What Message Are You Sending?

  • Discuss what makes a good communicator shared traits among successful communicators.
  • Understand body language and image and their impact on your message.
  • Correct five common nonverbal mistakes you may be making.
  • Are you an inefficient listener? You might not be hearing as much as you think you are.
  • Develop active listening techniques to ensure youre hearing what is actually being said.
  • Find out what questions to ask to clarify an unclear message.
  • Learn why empathy and taking another's point of view into consideration is crucial to understanding.

Session 2: Eliminating Critical Communication Breakdowns

  • Get past the need to be right.
  • Keep your emotions in check, even when youre close to losing control.
  • Stop beating around the bush when delivering negative or unpopular messages.
  • Avoid self-defeating actions, unclear messages, negative language, passive-aggressiveness and other credibility killers.
  • Project confidence and assertiveness in all your communications.
  • Know the difference between just sending your message and communicating.

Session 3: Email and Written Communication Essentials

  • Learn the secrets of successful email and other text communication.
  • Set the right tone in your messages and make sure youre not being misinterpreted.
  • Realize that subject lines are headlines: Write effective headers to grab and inform the reader.
  • Specify the desired response by providing clarity to avoid questions later.
  • Use formatting tips in your email so that important points stand out.

Certification / Credits

HRCI and SHRM Certified

  • The traits all great communicators use to appear confident
  • Why active listening is as important in great communication as speaking or writing
  • The pitfalls of using negative or passive language
  • How to avoid using vague or unclear language
  • To watch your tone so you dont come off as passive-aggressive or antagonistic
  • To eliminate clarity-killers in all your communication

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