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Course participant reviews for Converting Inquiries into Event Rental Sales

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Customer Service Representative, Classic Event and Tent Rentals
Very useful and helpful information and presented in a very understandable and engaging way.
Customer Service Representative, Trench Plate Rentals
Very engaging web training that not only went through the intended course but was able to really break down what is needed to provide Legendary Customer Service.
Customer Service Representative, Lift Inc.
Well conducted and informative!
Customer Service Representative, Fabick CAT
Excellent training coordinator, very good interaction and awesome attitude from both of the trainers.
Customer Service Representative, Trane Inc.
I thought that the class was very organized and very engaging, and gave helpful thing to put in practice.
Senior Manager Sales Operations & Sales Training, Classic Party Rentals
This sales training has been a huge success for our teams in large part due to the account manager Signature Worldwide provides. Signature understands that change management is difficult. The availability of the account manager has been above my expectations. She listened to our concerns and made suggestions right from the start to ensure adopti...
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President, Event Source
“I was very impressed with the initial training session. The session was focused on our needs and the instructor was very engaging. I was pleasantly surprised as to how connected and enthusiastic my team was during and after the training. It definitely made a difference and I am looking forward to Signature’s reinforcement program.”


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