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Course participant reviews for Sensitivity, Diversity & Respectful Communication Skills

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Based on 19 reviews.

Robert L.
Exactly what I needed and all the material discussed was very good for my job. I wish I had this the first week!
Jerome D.
I didn’t know about all the legal stuff…it was very helpful. The instructor was very knowledgeable and presented it very well.
Jason B.
Honestly, short of being coached or mentored one on one about sensitivity, I believe the course did it’s job.
Craig H.
Very helpful in understanding my role in creating a better place to work.
Bryan T.
This course exceeded my expectations – I actually got something out of this course. Good trainer.
Padraic M.
It really helped me understand how people might misinterpret my communication style.
Tom M.
The trainer’s knowledge of the subject was off the chart!
Esther D.Good info
The class was very interesting and will be uselful to me
Desmond A.
Excellent job by trainer. Have been to similar training before, but picked up some refresher and some new ideas.
Miles M.
Trainer was awesome! He really believes in the topic. Excellent job.
Washington B.
With so much information, it needs to be a little longer.
Stacey M.
I’d like to see more classes like this. It helped me a lot in my role as a newer supervisor.
Mary L.
Angelo S.
. I liked the small group case studies and the energy level the trainer projected.
Ed D.
Good balance of harass/discrim law, theory and practical solutions.
Charlene P.
The course is very informative and interactive which makes it easy to learn.
Michael P.
This course was excellent. It should be given to all employees, not just management.


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