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Course participant reviews for Proven Training Solutions

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Russel P.
I liked that we all left with the same "sense of urgency"
Linda N.
Gloria S.
We all learned what our service style is - how we "serve" our customers
Frank F.
Can't wait to tear down some barriers between departments
Dale M.
This will improve the quality of internal communication
Neal C.
Identifying my stakeholder's expectations will be valuable
Jacob G.
Liked the practice of horizontal communication through the company
Remi S.
I didn't think about the concept of an individual service style - interesting!
Gabriel S.
Learned my service style strengths and weaknesses
Tom Q.
Like the trainer said - it's all about communication, communication, communication.
John L.
Liked handling difficult internal customers section
Roxanne T.
Valuable looking at your service style from a 180 degree POV
Adam S.
Ron W.
Carita G.
luis Q.
Very good suggestions and tips to increase trust with virtuals
LaWanda S.
My employees and team will benefit from more a more consistent work priority structure
James S.
Establishing a leadership presence without being there is what will help me the most
James I.
Sherri D.
Learning about my communication style will help me and my virtual teams
Won L.
It's easy to forget the importance of clear goal setting for remote employees
Dani P.
Delegating to my virtual teams is something I was afraid to do - not anymore!
Parker W.
Management is abut what happens when you're there & Leadership is about what happens when you're not - was biggest take away for me
Paul P.
Excellent leadership tips will help me enhance the trust levels with my virtual employees


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