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Mamatha G
I took the PMP bootcamp course taught by Asad Haque from February 10-13 last year. Asad was great in explaining the content thoroughly and very organized instructor. PMA online materials were very helpful and covered all the important topics from PMBOK Edition 5. I passed the exam and got PMP certified!
Jeff S
I attended the online PMP boot camp class with Asad Haque as the instructor. The class itself was a ton of information of the 4-day period, but Asad was very knowledgeable and was able to keep me focused for the entire duration of the course. PMA gives you a great outline of what steps you need to take the PMP exam and with their online course...
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Jayne S
I went through boot camp in October 2015. It covered the whole PMBOK in a few days. It's a huge amount of information but I really learned a ton. It's recommended that you take your exam about 3 or 4 weeks after boot camp, I did mine 10 days later so it was really intense but I was very prepared for studying and taking the exam. I passed first t...
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Clarke A
Crystal Richards did a great job of preparing us for the PMP exam. I took her course in early September 2015 and passed the exam a few weeks later. This is a very tough exam and a very concentrated course. Crystal was extremely knowledgeable and organized but also made it all fun (for 12 hour days). She also kept up with us individually and as a...
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Magali K
Thank you to Project Management Academy and my instructor Crystal for helping me pass the PMP on my first try. I took the bootcamp the week of September 14th in Rosslyn and passed October 7th.It is a very difficult exam and the online resources provided by PMA were immensely helpful to my preparation particularly the Questions and Answers and th...
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William N
There are many choices for the PMP boot camp, however I selected PMA's for cost and availability. They have a course almost every week in DC, which makes it easier to find time to take the course. Overall the course well prepared and material was covered in a logical flow it made it easier to both understand and retain. I took my course the wee...
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Ronika J
I took PMA's PMP boot camp Sept 28 - Oct 1, and it was AWESOME!!!! While the days were LONG!! There was a lot of information to cover and a ton of information shared from my classmates. So worth the time and effort!!! Our instructor Crystal Richards was THE BEST!!! I would recommend her to everyone that asks. She led some great discussions,...
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Kent F
The PMA course and my instructor, Crystal Richards, did an excellent job of preparing me for the PMP exam. I attended the first week in Nov and by the third week had passed the exam. I don't think I could have done this by myself as the PMA process of online and in-class instruction seemed to provide the right mix for success. I would recommend ...
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Donald H
I could not have passed this exam on my first try without this course (I took the 28 SEP-01 OCT 2015 course) - it's an absolute must-do if you want to prepare for, and PASS the PMP in the shortest time-frame possible. There is so much material to cover, but the instructor did a fantastic job in breaking it down into a logical framework, and dro...
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Judith S
Colossal thanks to my instructor Crystal Richards and PMA for developing a course that logically pulled PMI concepts together in such a manner that helped me comprehend hundreds of PMI data points and prepare me for my PMP exam. Crystal brought her superb knowledge and enthusiasm every day and made learning enjoyable.
Julie J
The Project Management Academy PMP boot camp was extremely helpful as I prepared to take the PMP exam and I was thrilled to successfully get my certification on my first attempt. The boot camp week was a great overview of the material and gave me the areas of focus to make sense of the PM-BOK. The instructor (Francis Mies) was very knowledgea...
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Michelle K
I participated in the PMP Exam-Prep Bootcamp offered by PMA in July of 2015. It was a long, information packed 4-days but the instructor used great, relatable examples to help the material really sink in. Taking an exam like the PMP can be very intimidating, but this class wasn't just about the PMBOK material, but about the PMP exam itself. PMA ...
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Mark C
The online 40 hour Boot Camp was very intense, but made interesting by the instructor, Gary Lind. The curriculum provided by PMA was very thourough, and covered everything needed to pass the test. The practice exams and tips sections were extremely helpful, and necessary to really prepare for the style of exam questions PMI feilded. Gary was ...
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Kip B
I took the PMP Boot Camp class 3 weeks ago and passed the PMP exam last week - first attempt. The boot camp was a great investment of time and money. I could not have passed the exam by just reading the PMBOK and studying on my own. Gary Lind is an excellent instructor. He understands the PMBOK material thoroughly as well as the structure...
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Keith T
I completed the PMP Exam Prep course. I had a great learning experience at PMA. Instructor Gary knew the material thoroughly and did everything to make the course a productive endeavor. I passed the PMP exam on the first attempt.
Nicole D
Gary Lind from the Project Management Academy was a fantastic trainer. I took the PMP Boot Camp class with him in Oct 2015. I passed the test the first time. He was a touch teacher and it was a grueling class but all worth it for passing on the first attempt. He gave us so much useful information and great tips to pass the test. This test w...
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Nitin M
I took the PMA boot camp on 8/31/15 to 9/3/15 at the Courtyard Marriot in San Jose. We were around 20 students. The room was comfortable and we were not cramped to get in anyone's way. Tea/Coffee/Water was provided every day. Reasonable facilities close by. Gregg Ritchie was our teacher and is very knowledgeable and provided lots of tricks and t...
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Alexandra R
I am an in-class learner, but I didn't want the learning to take forever - the four-day boot camp (May 2015) was awesome. The instructor, Gregg Richie, was knowledgeable and direct - met my preferred learning style very well. The other great aspect is the materials that you receive both online and in paper form help you continue to prepare once ...
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C H.
I took the 4-day bootcamp the week of Sept. 14th and passed the PMP exam on Oct. 19th. I have to say, Greg's class was invaluable in passing the exam. He kept the class focused and on-task and managed to covey a tremendous amount of information in a short time frame. I appreciated the focus on the important information and the tips and tricks...
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Hillery L
I took the PMP Boot Camp offered by PMA in August 2015. Gregg Richie was the instructor of the class. This is one of the best training classes I have attended. I went into class without anything more than on the job experience managing projects for a small credit union. When I saw the amount of material and the PMBOK that we were to cover the ne...
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Mandana D.
I took the class with Gregg Richie from Oct 12-15, 2015. He was very knowledgeable of the subject and spoke very well. It was very easy to follow him through out the class. He used examples which made the subject very interesting. I have been studying on my own but the class helped me to put it all together with all the provided tips, tricks and...
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Risa D
I took the PMP Boot Camp offered by PMA in August 2015. Gregg Richie was the instructor of the class. This is one of the best training classes I have attended-Gregg was engaging, intelligent, and funny, while getting a mountain of material across in a short time. A couple months after ,I passed with flying colors, and it only took me that long b...
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Douglas J.
I took the PMP course in October 2015. I thought the course was well laid out and found the class informative and interesting because of the course and the instructor, Gregg Richie. He is very knowledgeable of the material and the difference between what you need to know for the exam and how you apply it in the real world of project management. ...
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Daryl L
I took the PMP exam prep in September 2015 and passed the exam soon afterwards. Without a doubt, I wouldn't have passed if it wasn't for this course. Gregg Richie, my instructor, was hands-down one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure to learn from. If you truly want to attain the PMP credential/designation, do not go anywhere else ot...
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Charles G
I took the PMP Exam Prep with the Project Management Academy (PMA) and I am glad I did. The instructor, Jackie Ockleberry, was thorough and explained all material in a practical and thought provoking style. The classroom training along with the Project Management Academy's online study material is worth the time and cost and I recommend anyone t...
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