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Strategic Procurement and Supply Management in the Oil and Gas Industry - SC-62

PetroSkills, Online
2 days
2 days

Course description

Strategic Procurement and Supply Management in the Oil and Gas Industry - SC-62

The development and implementation of carefully crafted strategies for the procurement of all goods, equipment, materials, and services has become a critical issue for all those in the oil and gas industry wishing to reduce operating cost while improving quality and productivity. This program explores key concepts forming the basis of strategic supply management, and moves today's supply management organization from its typical tactical focus to the strategic focus needed to successfully implement the processes and methods needed to reach world-class performance.

"This was the best course I have attended." - Procurement Officer, Pakistan

“All subjects were sufficiently described and detailed." - Procurement Advisor, Iraq

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Who should attend?

Managers and professionals in supply management, procurement, purchasing, contracts, materials, inventory control, projects, maintenance, operations, finance, as well as all other professionals interested in lowering total cost and increasing productivity and profit contributions from better supply management operations.

Training content

  • Stages to world class supply management
  • Change and becoming more strategic
  • Supply management skill sets
  • Defining supply management
  • Examples of job descriptions for supply management
  • Developing the spend profile
  • Creating time to be strategic
  • The ABC (Pareto) analysis and what to do with it
  • Material/services purchasing code development
  • Elements of cost that make up the price
  • Developing "should cost"
  • Producer price indexes
  • Requesting supplier's cost and pricing data
  • Dealing with economic uncertainties, when, where, and how to use "Economic Price Adjustment" clauses
  • Internal surveys to improve purchasing performance
  • Total cost of ownership concepts
  • Cost containment methods
  • Cost reductions and cost avoidance
  • Savings reporting procedure
  • Developing purchased materials/services strategic plans
  • Developing the purchase price index for your organization
  • Negotiation skill sets
  • Steps in negotiation preparation
  • Positional negotiations
  • Final points before the negotiation

Certification / Credits

How To:

  • Stages to world class supply management
  • Many increased skill sets in supply management
  • Organizing the spend profile
  • Greater abilities in leading continuous improvement programs
  • Ways in dealing with economic uncertainties
  • Questions for internal surveys to enhance purchasing performance
  • How to develop a "Purchasing Coding System"
  • Steps in the development of a Composite Purchase Price Index
  • How to get more time to work on strategic issues
  • Critical steps in negotiation planning and strategies
  • To understand the elements of cost that make up a supplier's price
  • Categories that should be included in a purchased materials/services strategic plan outline


Average rating 4.3

Based on 3 reviews.
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Procurement Advisor
16 Nov 2015

All subjects were sufficiently described and detailed.

Procurement Officer
16 Nov 2015

This was the best course I have attended.

Purchase Officer
16 Nov 2015

The course was excellent.



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