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Course participant reviews for PetroSkills

Average rating 4.2

Based on 1685 reviews.

Structural Engineer
Thank you for a great training. I’m confident I have learned a lot from the course and the instructor's experience.
This course was great! I'm so glad I took this course early in my career.
I liked the instructor and the manual. Both were clear and very informative. The instructor was patient, knowledgeable and provided excellent examples.
Attorney Advisor
The instructor was terrific!
Deputy Engineering Manager
The course was interesting, and it was surely useful to me! I have already had the opportunity to use some of the learning points seen in the training course.​
Structural Engineer
I took a lot from the course, and will hopefully become a more well-rounded facilities engineer as a consequence. I can already feel that things are more contextualized.
I definitely improved my knowledge on the subject and systematized all the previously known unsorted information. I’m very grateful for all the patience and effort the instructor put forth when answering our questions.
Process Engineer
It was a pleasure to attend the class. The instructor took the time to go through the material in detail and answered all the questions we had. It was a great experience for me. The instructor made it a great class and attending was a motivating experience.
Oil and Gas Professional
I learned a lot in the course, and continue to learn from the course material. The class was very well structured, and the instructor was a truly exceptional teacher.
Technical Team Leader
Excellent course material. The course is very useful for individuals with limited offshore experience.
Reservoir Engineer
Good introduction to offshore systems. I enjoyed the course, and the course will be beneficial to me in the future.
Refinery Technician
Thanks very much for the wonderful course! It was an absolute pleasure learning for the instructor!
Senior Instrument Engineer
While any company can organize the materials to offer any course to the industry, what you brought to the table is finding the knowledgeable instructor with the passion on the subject matter in this particular case. I found the course very thought stimulating.
Process Engineer
Thanks for the great instruction in the IC-3 course. I am currently completing the installation of some fancy instruments that required me to pull fiber optic cable for the first time. Thanks to your instruction, I was able to more actively plan and oversee the installation than I have in the past. I think I surprised myself with some of the i...
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Coordinator - Process Safety
Thank you again for making G-4 exceptionally practical and useful to our careers. I appreciate all the teachings, words of wisdom and life lessons that you have shared with us. I will cherish all that you have taught us and will be in touch when a question needs consulting with you.
Excellent course! I liked the instructor's wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm.
Oil and Gas Professional
I would just like to say thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and technical awareness with us at the PetroSkills Operator Training in Pittsburgh. We can now take that knowledge and put it to good use of our own. I will definitely be keeping an eye on any future training that you may be hosting that I could attend. Everyone seemed to re...
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Technical Professional II
The course was very comprehensive, and I learned a lot! All of my questions were answered, and I feel that I now have a good understanding of how logs are read and the data that they provide.
Process Engineer
Overall, a very well delivered and enjoyable course. As someone new to the industry, I found the level of the course was pitched just right.
Operations Department
The instructor is very good, very experienced, very knowledgeable, and a very nice person.
Reservoir Development Engineer
The instructor did a good job of presenting his own real-life experiences, as well as, engaging the class to share their job experiences. Appreciated his insight and message around career development, learning & professional conduct aimed toward career progression.
Subsea Operations Advisor
I liked the instructor's knowledge and experience. Many students were Subject Matter Experts in different fields. I learned a lot from the Instructor, but also from other students.
Reservoir Engineer
Great instructor - He was enthusiastic and had a great knowledge of the subject.
Product Operations Inspection Unit
I liked the amount of information the course held. I feel informed of subsea systems now.
Operations Manager
The course has not only assisted me with my understanding, it has also improved my ability to perform at a greater standard.
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