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Refrigeration Principles

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Course description

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In Refrigeration Principles, you'll learn ...

  • Basic principles of the simple refrigeration cycle
  • The four essentials parts of a refrigeration system
  • Proper use of the refrigeration charts and refrigeration tables
  • Some of the limitations and conditions under which the refrigeration cycle would operate


Credit: 3 PDH

Length: 55 pages

The objective of this course is to provide the student with a basic understanding of the simple refrigeration cycle.

This course covers the proper use of the refrigeration charts and refrigeration tables (a set of ammonia tables and charts are included as resources for the course). Each one of the steps in the refrigeration cycle is studied and by using the charts and tables, each condition of the refrigerant is estimated and the overall conditions are calculated. In the course we will consider only ammonia as a refrigerant (this is only by choice and simplicity, but the student can find charts and tables for other refrigerants). Other refrigerants are available in the market and the analysis is identical to the discussion in the course.

The student will become familiar with the refrigerant charts and tables to be able to estimate the conditions of the refrigerant at the entrance and exit of each component. Examples and visual aids are provided throughout the course to facilitate the understanding of the material.

This course has a strong emphasis on the use and understanding of the refrigerant diagrams, charts and tables.

The main components of the refrigeration cycle are studied separately to understand each condition of the cycle. At the end an overall view of the complete system is presented to provide the student with the ability to understand the impact that each component has on the overall performance.

Examples of condenser calculation and evaporators are included, but mainly as a reference because greater detail would require a more extensive course in phase change heat transfer.

Another objective of the course is to help the student understand some of the limitations and conditions under which the refrigeration cycle would operate. For example, what happens if the condensing temperature is too high or too low? What happens if the evaporating temperature is too high or too low?

Graphs and schematic pictures are included in the course for illustration purposes.

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Certificate of Completion

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Training content

This course teaches the following specific knowledge and skills:

  • Types of refrigeration used today
  • Purpose of the compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve
  • How to use refrigerant charts and tables
  • How to calculate the Coefficient of Refrigeration
  • How to calculate the energy absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator
  • How to calculate Refrigeration Capacity
  • How to calculate compressor work and volumetric capacity
  • How to calculate the amount of heat transferred at the condenser


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