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On Your Feet Interactive Keynotes and Improv-based Training Programs

On Your Feet – Experiential Learning for Organizational and Professional Development

On Your Feet (OYF) brings together great minds from both the business world and artistic professions to offer something new in answer to modern business challenges. Utilizing experiential learning techniques based in improvisation and related skills, OYF enables companies both big and small to open up communication and create real and lasting change in their organization.

Administering a suite of programs based in improvisation, the OYF team delivers learning solutions for building collaboration, developing leadership skills, influencing, brand to action and much much more. Learners get out of the audience and take the stage in their own development - and above all, have a blast doing it.

Why Improv?

Imrpovisers and successful companies have a lot in common. Both are teams working within loosely defined constraints to create something (a story), keep the client happy (the audience), and most of all – deliver the product as quickly as possible (on the spot – immediately).

What script? There is no script in life or business.

Most experiential training designed for organizational development is built on a series of complex metaphors. Improv goes far beyond metaphor. Improvisation is at the heart of all business communication, problem solving, innovation and decision making. Thriving as a business means constantly improvising and innovating - being prepared to make decisions on the spot and handle the curve balls when they come. Learning improv just makes good business sense. 

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Professional Course
Business and Management
Business Innovation Length Price Location Reviews
Ideation & Creativity Multiple (3)
Organizational Development
MindMelds: Practical Silo-Busting and Integration Multiple (3)
Communication Skills
Breakthrough Conversations 1 day Multiple (3)
Conference Facilitation and Energizers Multiple (3)
High Performance Collaboration Multiple (3)
Presentation Skills
Facilitation and Presentation Skills 1.5 days Multiple (3)
The Improvisational Leader Multiple (3)
Brand Into Action Multiple (3)

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On Your Feet

125 SE 11th Ave
97214 Portland, OR