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Star Achievement Series for Assistants

Office Dynamics International, In North America
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Course description

Star Achievement Series for Assistants

Star Achievement is an elite training program for administrative and executive assistants, secretaries, and administrative support staff. It has a proven track record since 1990, and has been continually revised and enhanced (16 times!) since its inception. It is a philosophy-based program that teaches a way of life, a way of being and thinking to elicit success.

Star Achievement is the unique combination of 4 components that make the program so powerful and, yes, life-changing. These components cross the spectrum in creating well- rounded high-profile administrative professionals who crave success and partnerships, and who now have the tools and behaviors to deliver.

Star solidifies performance and teaches the how’s and why’s of a new way of processing work and life. The Star Achievement Series® turns potential talent into demonstrable competence, resulting in an administrative staff equipped to move beyond task work to higher-level functions within their job requirements.

Star Achievers synergize these four components into their everyday professional performance and, over time, fully develop as leaders who exhibit confidence at work, at home and in the community.

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Who should attend?

  • Are your employees currently shifting their thinking, attitudes and actions toward business success?
  • Do employees need help to make a positive shift in thinking?
  • Do you trust staff to respond as you would when making decisions and handling crises?
  • Do you have good people who are floundering? Are some employees dangerously off course?
  • Are you spinning your wheels around stale thinking and entrenched ideology?
  • Do you want to take your business to the next level but need your staff to grow with you?
  • Do younger workers need a bit more polish to better represent your company?
  • Do your employees ask you for “more” responsibility and opportunities? Are they capable of handling it?

Training content

Level I

  • Module 1: Be A Star Achiever™ (Attitude)
  • Module 2: Star-Achieving Techniques™ (Skill)
  • Module 3: Building A Star Partnership™ (Teamwork)
  • Module 4: Reaching Stardom™ (Strategy)

Level II

  • Module 1: Be A Shining Star™ (Attitude)
  • Module 2: Give A Stellar Performance™ (Skill)
  • Module 3: Stellar Collaborator™ (Teamwork)

    - The Power Of Collaboration

  • Module 4: Future-Focused Star Performer™ (Strategy)

Level III

  • Module 1: Star-Achieving Attitude™ (Attitude)
  • Module 2: Be A Stellar Ambassador™ (Skill)
  • Module 3: Coaching A Star Team™ (Teamwork)
  • Module 4: Mastering A Stellar Career™ (Strategy)

Certification / Credits

Star Achievement Series® Certificate of Completion

By attending all 4 workshops in a Level participants will receive the official certificate from Office Dynamics International. You can show everyone that you go the distance to excel in your job. You will have the step by step knowledge to handle small crises and put out wildfires that erupt in the business. You will boldly be able to handle people with style and panache, and present yourself with ease and comfort. You will know correct methodologies and patterns of thinking that help you save the day, every day. You will be able to set a goal and attain it. And, you will believe in yourself and your abilities. Fear will be conquered by confidence. Negativity will be vanquished by enthusiasm. And work will become fun! A Certificate of Completion is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to professional development. You can frame your certificate and place it by your desk, have a copy placed in your personnel file, submit it with your annual review package and add it to your Career Portfolio!

CEAP Certified (Certified Executive Administrative Professional)

(Note: This is optional. Participant’s application is voluntary – they may attend training without applying for the designation.)

The CEAP Certified is a curriculum-based designation awarded to individuals who complete all 8 classes in Levels I & II, meet program objectives, actively participate in class, complete the Star In Action™ form, and obtain a letter from their leader, HR business partner, executive or manager stating observed changes in behavior and processes. By adding the CEAP Certified designation initials, administrative and executive assistants will find more opportunities presented to them.

Having a CEAP Certified designation sets you apart as a strong performer. It shows you the steps and specific behaviors you need to gain mastery over, every day. A CEAP Certified designation will inspire others at your office and will show everyone that you are hungry for more and can handle more when you get the opportunity. It is a fabulous “billboard” advertising your capabilities whether you are looking for a job or in an existing position and happy to remain so.

Why choose Office Dynamics?

Produced 350+ Educational Videos for Assistants

Educated more than 300,000 Administrative Professionals

Hired by 70+ Fortune 500 Companies

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