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Course participant reviews for National Association of Sales Professionals

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Traci C.
My experience in the CPSP has been absolutely incredible! Whether you are new to sales or are a seasoned sales professional this is a must take program for so many reasons with the top one being that this isn't your typical 'tell you what to do in 10 easy steps' type program. It builds confidence, focus, influence and strategy all while changing...
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Pradip K.
The CPSP, 45 day challenge course is an excellent way to provide bite sized retainable learning on a daily basis. It has become my new habit.
Elizabeth M.
This is not a magic system with some words and phrases to memorize. It isn't a process to put your customers through. It's a process to put yourself through so you can best help your customers! This was a great program and I'd highly recommend it for anyone who is a salesperson, particularly if you're stuck in a slump or need some extra motivati...
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Brian W.
If you want to take your teams sales acumen to the next level while increasing their results in the field, Start this training and get your team certified today!!!!
Alex G.
For me, learning about how to influence and communicate effectively and to adjust my communication style to suite the recipient so that my message is heard clearer, was probably the most beneficial.
Alex G. - Team Leader
Having this understanding around communication styles and how to be more fluid, has made them(sales team) more adaptable and the ability to change their delivery method, I believe will create better engagement with their clients and customers. Above that, it has brought our whole team together. My hope would be that, after on boarding, every new...
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