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Course participant reviews for Leadership RoadMap: Individual Coaching

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Ed H.
I will continue to encourage my team to seek training opportunities with MindSpring.  I feel you all are doing the work our Agency is currently focused on….not to mention, it’s just the right work period.
Anne C.
My mind keeps encountering Haydn's question about what happens if nothing changes, and I've realized not changing is not an option. Change is already happening and it is exhilarating!
Dawn A.
I had a lot less anxiety coming into the office today than I thought was possible. I had a little niggling of anxiety, but mostly a feeling of peace. I want to thank both you and Haydn for the time you took for us. I am excited about the opportunity I have to grow, and I appreciate you helping me develop this perspective.
Tristan L.
My wife remarked that she’s noticed a definitive change in how I approach my oldest since we started working together – for the positive. I’m looking forward to learning more.
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