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Medical Coding Ethics

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Course description

Medical Coding Ethics

Understand how to recognize an ethical situation and then how to handle it with integrity.

Coding professionals may find themselves in a situation in which their ethics are being tested and look to the AHIMA Standards of Ethical Coding for direction. Interpreting these standards may be a little confusing. This topic will help coding professionals to understand how first to recognize an ethical situation and then how to handle it with integrity. The material goes into detail of each of the standards and potential scenarios that relate to ethical coding. Failing to abide by these standards puts health care entities and themselves at risk for potential fines. This information will help coding professionals, as well as any other health care worker, understand their role in upholding the AHIMA Standards of Ethical Coding.

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Who should attend?

This live webinar is designed for

  • medical records professionals
  • coders
  • health information directors
  • billing managers
  • collection professionals
  • business and office managers
  • nurses
  • health care providers and clinic coordinators and administrators.

Training content

AHIMA's Standards of Ethical Coding

  • Description of Standards
  • Who This Applies To
  • Why Have These Standards?

Standards Defined With Scenarios

  • Standard 1: Apply Accurate, Complete, and Consistent Coding Practices That Yield Quality Data
  • Standard 2: Gather and Report All Data Required for Internal and External Reporting, in Accordance With Applicable Requirements and Data Set Definitions
  • Standard 3: Assign and Report, in Any Format, Only the Codes and Data That Are Clearly and Consistently Supported by Health Record Documentation in Accordance With Applicable Code Set and Abstraction Conventions, and Requirements
  • Standard 4: Query and/or Consult as Needed With the Provider for Clarification and Additional Documentation Prior to Final Code Assignment in Accordance With Acceptable Health Care Industry Practices
  • Standard 5: Refuse to Participate in, Support, or Change Reported Data and/or Narrative Titles, Billing Data, Clinical Documentation Practices, or Any Coding Related Activities Intended to Skew or Misrepresent Data and Their Meaning That Do Not Comply With Requirements
  • Standard 6: Facilitate, Advocate, and Collaborate With Health Care Professionals in the Pursuit of Accurate, Complete and Reliable Coded Data and in Situations That Support Ethical Coding Practices
  • Standard 7: Advance Coding Knowledge and Practice Through Continuing Education, Including but Not Limited to Meeting Continuing Education Requirements
  • Standard 8: Maintain the Confidentiality of Protected Health Information in Accordance With the Code of Ethics
  • Standard 9: Refuse to Participate in the Development of Coding and Coding Related Technology That Is Not Designed in Accordance With Requirements
  • Standard 10: Demonstrate Behavior That Reflects Integrity, Shows a Commitment to Ethical and Legal Coding Practices, and Fosters Trust in Professional Activities
  • Standard 11: Refuse to Participate in and/or Conceal Unethical Coding, Data Abstraction, Query Practices, or Any Inappropriate Activities Related to Coding and Address Any Perceived Unethical Coding Related Practices

Standards Summary

  • Recognizing Ethical Situations
  • Reporting Ethical Situations

Certification / Credits

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to define AHIMA’s Standards of Ethical Coding.
  • You will be able to discuss why ethical coding is important to health care.
  • You will be able to identify potential ethical situations.
  • You will be able to recognize how to handle potential ethical situations.

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