Keeping Passwords, Financial and Personal Information Safe

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Keeping Passwords, Financial and Personal Information Safe

Learn how to keep your information protected from real-life risks and gain tips on the tools that can help.

Hackers have become more sophisticated in their tactics, with the motive behind the majority of their attacks (88%) are purely financial. With a couple of simple rules and understanding where the risks exist, you can protect yourself and your assets. This topic seeks to explain what risks are present and what steps you can take, with little effort and often at no expense, to protect your passwords, financial, and personal information.

Who should attend?

This live webinar is designed for

  • administrative assistants
  • executive assistants
  • office administrators
  • secretaries
  • office managers
  • other administrative professionals.

Training content


  • Fun Hacking Facts
    • Average Cost of a Data Breach: $3.86 Million
    • Average Time to Identify a Breach: 207 Days
    • PII Involved in 58% of Breaches
    • Breaches Increased by 11% Since 2018 and 67% Since 2014
    • 64% of Americans Have Never Checked to See If They Were Affected by a Data Breach
    • 56% of Americans Don't Know What Steps to Take in the Event of a Data Breach
  • Impact of a Single Hack
    • Adverse Impact on Credit
    • Debt That You Did Not Incur
    • Costs of Rehabilitating Your Credit
    • What Are the Most Common Passwords?
    • Are You Pawned?

Password Hygiene

  • Basic Requirements of a Password
    • 16 Characters
    • Upper- and Lower-Case Letter
    • Special Characters
  • Changing Your Password (90 Days)
  • Do Not Repeat Your Password
  • Never Share Your Password

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • What Is MFA?
  • Benefits of MFA
  • Costs of MFA (Nothing)
  • Biometric Authentication

Password Management System

  • Keeps Track of Your Passwords
  • Lets You Know If You Repeated, See Above
  • Will Generate a Proper Password for You
  • Can Back up Your Passwords Automatically
  • Entirely Safe

Other Security Measures

  • HTTP vs. HTTPS
  • Lock the Laptop in Trunk
  • Use a Security Cable
  • Use a Privacy Screen
  • Using a Web-Based Alternative, e.g., Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Encryption Tools

  • What Is Encryption?
  • Encryption Approaches:
    • Whole Drive
    • File or Object
    • Secure Email

Social Engineering Attacks

  • Baiting (Offering Incentives)
  • Scareware (Threats of Adverse Actions)
  • Pretexting (Pretending to Be Someone Else)
  • Phishing (Urgent Emails)
  • Spear Phishing (Targeted Phishing)

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