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Course participant reviews for Leadership Skills in a Dispersed Work Environment (Webinar)

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Based on 10 reviews

Sam R
This was a very inspiring class. Emotional connections truly are valuable. The videos were eye-opening.
Jad El-A
Great program, Thank you. Will be incorporating it immediately.
Behnas S
I did attend the 2-day course before and it was great to take this class again. It changed my lifestyle and I love it.
Michelle S
In this training, I have learned skills that apply to all aspects of my life and seem invaluable. I have a deeper awareness of my emotions, the emotional processing, and how to react and guide my actions based on that awareness.
Jim B
It was a great course. Made me realize how important is to tell the other person how important they are. A simple way to connect emotionally.
Elizabeth R
I believe in emotional connection! I want to get better at it. That is my goal. Thank you so much for great training.
Manuel R
Great presentation. Very informative and helpful. Thank you.
Daniel M
Great training - specifically liked the examples of how to pick up on clues. I liked how to identify the "Negative Cycle".
Henry T
The training was timely and relatable to the challenges I go through daily. I have more tools available now to help me be more emotionally connected. I am interested in learning more about this process.
Mohamed E
Had a different positive experience in this training.

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