Certificate in Leadership Thinking: Strategic, Future, Design, Systemic, Analytical, Innovation & Creative Thinking (In-House)

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Certificate in Leadership Thinking - Strategic, Future, Design, Systemic, Analytical, Innovation & Creative Thinking (In-House)

As the pace and nature of change increases globally, the complexity of solving problems is becoming a critical competence for leaders. The risk of flawed and short-term, knee-jerk decisions is high and leaders need to develop the ability to think their way through business-critical challenges and opportunities. Simple analysis and experience-based solutions are no longer sufficient for competing on the global stage.

The quality of thinking will determine the quality of decisions and the resulting actions and behaviours. For that reason, we present a powerful and innovative new programme, mainly focused on the cognitive domain (thinking) for leaders. We use an approach of consulting education, ensuring rapid, concrete and lasting ROI from learning & consulting engagements. This exciting programme, typically for larger organisations at senior levels, but suitable for every manager and leader who needs to make important decision, includes the following to support high quality decision-making to navigate complexity.

Who should attend?

Who Should Attend?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for

  • Directors, senior managers and leaders
  • HR and Training Managers and Directors
  • Members of strategy units
  • Desk Heads
  • Members of innovation hubs

Training content

Day 1

Thinking about thinking

  • The role of thinking in successful leadership
  • Getting the most out of your thinking and intelligence

Thinking and emotions

  • Manage the magical combination
  • Use emotions to your advantage and ensure your master your thoughts

Using your brain: Ways to think

  • Use different types of thinking
  • Use the appropriate thinking style for different types of challenges

Day 2

Strategy & Strategic Thinking

  • Employ the InCOME PRESCRIPTS 5i Framework
  • Revitalising your strategy and by thinking like a strategist
  • Opportunity sensing and strategic review
  • Focus on strategic opportunities
  • Access asymmetrical favorability
  • Identify opportunities for market leadership

Design Thinking

  • Think like a designer and design for results
  • Apply the Design Evolution Framework
  • Managers and Leaders as designers
  • Techniques for design
  • Immersion as design process
  • Meet customer needs through intuitive design

Thinking and belief systems

  • Detect and identify your own biases

Systems Thinking

  • The need for holistic thinking
  • See and connect the bigger pictures to remove silos
  • Create cohesion through developing contextual intelligence
  • Identify patters
  • Use causal loop diagrams to identify new solution
  • Apply the Top 30 Questions for Complex Adaptive Systems

Future Thinking

  • Develop powers to anticipatory thinking and
  • Start creating the future today with Co-divergent Future
  • Framing

Creative Innovation Thinking

  • The rationale for creative thinking
  • Dissolve current problems creatively
  • Sense and create new opportunities for new world challenges
  • Imperatives for innovation
  • Innovation as business culture
  • Innovation processes for competitive advantage

Certification / Credits

Key Takeaways

  • Improved ability to solve complex problems.
  • Enhanced skills in thinking creatively for competitive advantage.
  • Clear models and tools on strategy for use in the workplace.
  • Accelerated innovation through new thinking models.
  • Tools for anticipating future trends and responding innovatively.

Why choose Leoron?

LEORON has worked with some of the largest companies in the World - but importantly we care about the individual. Through our Customer Happiness Team we ensure that everyone who attends a LEORON course has the support before, during and after to ensure their training needs are met.

We offer the highest level of training delivery, whether that be in our live-virtual training or in-classroom sessions, with our expert instructors guiding you through everything so that you’re left feeling assured and confident to utilize your new knowledge going forward.

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