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Abby L., US DOL

I found the discussion on potential reactions to mentoring sessions enlightening

Emily B., EPA

Thank you for the tools on how to prepare for difficult conversations

Todd S., Veterans Administration

Learning how to plan for and present feedback, I found the S.T.O.P. and F.I.R.S.T. models very useful in giving feedback.

Ronilo C., VBA
Ernst W.

My favorite new quote, "Feedback is a gift". Like it or not, agree with it or not - it is a gift.

Megan G., US EPA

"When . . . It" statements. So simple. So impactful. I will definitly incorporate these words in my feedback with difficult people

Claudette R, EPA

Core Values are useful to an organization when matched by consistent behaviors from the executives.

Cynthia C., EPA

How to use the 5 principles of extraordinary leaders effectively (e.g., to plan, assess, organize, hire, develop/train my executive team) was a phenomenal piece

R. Rogers, EPA

teaching on how to emphasize communication and clarity of expectations was neeeded

Lee M., EPA

It's beneficial to write out a letter of expectations to each staff person was my favorite take-a-away point

Carin B, EPA

The reminder that you need to increase leadership competencies by decreasing technical competencies was epic

Stacie P, EPA

assessing your team, character, competency, and consequences - great information


Honing in on values on paper need to be demonstrated not just written was spot on

Kristeen G, EPA

Learning that having a letter of expectations was valuable piece of information, thank you


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