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Course participant reviews for Instructional Techniques for New Instructors - also available live online

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J. Haggerty
I've been a training instructor for over 30 years and just completed the Instructional Techniques for New Instructors workshop. A terrific course regardless of how much experience you have. Highly recommend!
R. Tanyi
As a new instructor, I now have the tools to deliver an engaging and meaningful session for my learners both virtually and in person!
S. Sequeira
Great instructors and trainers from all over learning together. The facilitator and producer are experienced and give real life learning!
E. Okoro
One of the best courses I have attended so far. Emphasis was on students learning and APPLYING what was taught. The information gained from the class will remain with me for years to come--that's how good the facilitator and producer were!
C. Bateman
Really well put together. Wonderful use of instruction, engagement, practice, and feedback.
C. Ortiz
This has been eye opening, and I love the confidence boost it helped me attain!
M. Saniter
As a new trainer, I picked up countless tips and tricks to incorporate in my training! Great materials to reference as I prepare for my courses, especially the learning strategy template. I feel like I'm better prepared to go back to the office and conduct better training. I'll be sharing some of my favorite and most impactful "tidbits" with my ...
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K. Heintz
The techniques learned in this course are also used to teach the course. Being on both the delivering and receiving end really reinforces the concepts.
J. M. Addison
No one told me I was going from trainer to super heroine in a matter of days!
Ben S.
The workshop was much more than expected. It gave me the tools I needed to conduct an outstanding training class.
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