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Confined Spaces

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Course description

Confined Spaces

Each year, employees are injured or killed as a result of working in confined spaces. An estimated 60% of the fatalities have been deaths that occur during a rescue. Oftentimes, an employee attempts to rescue the entrant without the proper training and then gets caught themselves. When your employees are to enter into confined spaces they must receive training, preparation, and awareness of the hazards associated with such work are essential to your employees’ safety.

Proper training can prevent employee injuries and deaths by covering OSHA’s confined space requirements along with ANSI and NFPA guidelines. In this training, we will cover permit vs. non-permit required confined spaces, what hazards are encountered in a confined space, the hazardous conditions that would prevent entry, how to respond to a crisis emergency, what personal protective equipment (PPE) may need to be worn, procedural requirements, responsibilities/roles of team members and thorough training on how to recognize symptoms of overexposure of air contaminants.

Types of Confined Spaces

Non Permit Required Confined Space:

  • Large enough for an employee to enter to perform work,
  • has limited access/egress, and
  • is not designed for human occupancy.

Permit-Required Confined Space:

Includes the above 3 points plus one or more of the following:

  • contains or has the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere,
  • contains a material that has the potential to engulf an entrant,
  • has walls that converge inward or floors that slope downward and taper into a smaller area which could trap or asphyxiate an entrant, or
  • contains any other recognized safety or health hazards, such as unguarded machinery, exposed live wires, or heat stress.

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Who should attend?

Who Should be Trained?

Any worker who may potentially need to work in or around a confined space.

Examples of employees who may need confined space entry safety training include:

  • Firefighters
  • Construction Workers
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Building Engineers
  • Lab Technicians
  • Welders
  • Pipeline Workers
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Emergency Response Personnel
  • Those working general industry safety roles and more.

Training content

Working in confined spaces presents many challenges such as restricted movement, hazardous atmospheres, material that could engulf you, a configuration of equipment and machines which could trap or asphyxiate you, and other potential safety and health hazards like unguarded machinery, exposed live wires, or temperature extremes. Our training will cover the following aspects of confined space safety:

  1. Introduction to OSHA’s definitions and requirements pertaining to confined spaces.
  2. Common hazards associated with performing work in a confined space along with how to best protect yourself and your co-workers from such hazards.
  3. Clarification of safety requirements for your entry into a confined space.
  4. Entry permit checklist items needed prior to entering a confined space.
  5. The importance of having a complete and accurate duty roster.
  6. How to ensure effective rescue procedures are in place and understood by confined space workers, attendants, supervisors,and rescue personnel.

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