Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI – The Advantage of Advanced Analytics

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Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI - The Advantage of Advanced Analytics - Open Training Course

What do you say when you are asked by management what these analytics are and can we use them? What if they ask about the field of AI and what it consists of? Should you implement one AI project or several? Should you focus on one type of AI or several? What happens if it is a large or ambitious project? Where do expert system and knowledge management fit in the AI framework?

Answering these and many more of these types of questions requires some basic knowledge and insight into the meaning, value, use and benefit of applying a technology like AI.

In reality, it's all about decisions and the right data that feeds them. Any AI effort has an objective the AI is to achieve and inputs that help you predict the outcomes of several scenarios. So, this is also about planning, anticipation land correction with the intent of improving decision making.

Organizations apply AI types of solutions based on what they see or read in articles describing what other organizations are doing. That may or may not fit the specific needs of your organization. Improving decision making translates directly to improved organization performance. The increased use of analytic techniques, data bases and algorithmic techniques means that managers need understanding of the scope, value and effort relating to AI.

Understanding, organizing, integrating and delivering AI solutions to useful points in the organization is a key issue today. AI supports better, and more effective decision making leading to better performance.

Who should attend?

Managers and professionals should prepare for the coming changes. This course is key path to knowledge about AI for business managers, strategic planners, marketing analysts, data analysts and architects, planning managers, process analysts, business analysts, business architects, enterprise and IT architects.

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Expected learning outcome:

  • Explain the different uses of AI today
  • Understand the techniques used for the different types of AI capability
  • Define a roadmap to reach effective use of AI
  • Explaining the technology available for AI
  • Interpret how AI can help the business
  • Select appropriate AI techniques for the business
  • Understand the limits of AI
  • Interpret social media data to understand market potential
  • Suggest operational opportunities for AI

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