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Course participant reviews for IAG Consulting

Average rating 4.6

Based on 24 reviews          

Amanda   |   6/17/2015
I enjoyed the content of the course. I think it was all valuable information that can be used in my daily responsibilities.I just thought the course needed to be longer than 3 days. I feel like we had specific questions that could have been answered more thoroughly if time permitted.
Craig, Dallas TX   |   5/14/2015
Hats off to the consultant for her engaging teaching style, wealth of information and patience as the class learned the material
G.W., London, UK   |   1/30/2015
I liked the level of detail. Much more comprehensive and thorough compared to other courses of this type.
Washington DC   |   1/9/2015
Brad was great. The material was really helpful. The facilitation piece was very helpful to me.
W.B.   |   12/4/2014
The course materials are fantastic. Exercises led by instructor were very good.
John   |   12/4/2014
Practical approach – “APPLIED”Business Architecture. Good insights around methodologies such as TOGAF, BizBok and how and where to apply them
G.D.   |   12/4/2014
The storyline and the supporting content were excellent. One of the few courses on this topic that have the right perspective, scope and approach to Business Architecture.
Andrea, New York   |   10/3/2014
The instructor made the coursework engaging and entertaining. The organization (around business processes rather than use case mechanics) was enlightening.
Lisa in Alabama   |   9/12/2014
I liked that the way that the course was presented and explained in a organized and detailed way which helped me to internalize the content.
S.R. New York   |   7/24/2014
This course will definitely pave way to position me as a business architect from my current role of Sr. Business Analyst.
K.G.   |   6/6/2014
A++ to the instructor (Robert). Gave real life practical examples that helped me to corelate and understand the concept a lot better.
Jacksonville, Florida   |   6/6/2014
The course was very "real world" driven. While there were classroom examples, Rob used real life experiences to enforce his material.
Ryan, Toronto   |   5/30/2014
Content was awesome. The instructor who delivered the course great . I would recommend using online templates for exercises.
Audrey   |   4/3/2014
The course provided me clear guidelines on how to improve requirements gathering: the methodology is straight-forward and the way the course was organized allowed me to better understand each step of the process.
Ron   |   4/3/2014
The instructor was great. He was very knowledgeable, kept my interest, gave good real world examples of the methodology in practice, and made every effort to answer everyone's questions and meet their needs.
Elaine   |   4/3/2014
I very much like the use case approach. It appeared that it was the foundation and that the functional requirements and business rules were a lot easier to create.
Pamela   |   1/23/2014
I liked the real life examples of do's and dont's. I could relate these types of examples back to what I have done and could do in the future for a better end result.
J.B., Pittsburgh   |   1/10/2014
Great course and really helpful with getting me to challenge my current way of thinking. It helped me to identify opportunities to improve as a facilitator and to document use cases and requirements in a logical manner.
Scott   |   1/10/2014
This was a great class - there is potential in this course to literally change people's careers for the better! Rob did a phenomenal job - everyone loved him, and in turn they were comfortable and better able to participate and learn. Thank you!
Philadelphia   |   9/20/2013
Loved the course. Found it very valuable and helpful, especially the "Use Case" examples. Immediately used the requirements process at work and has already written at least five documents using the methodology.
Cheryl, British Columbia   |   3/9/2013
Jim was areat presenter with lots of practical experience and examples
Lori   |   2/15/2013
The course taught me a terrific new approach to gathering requirements- this will make my job much easier
Becky   |   2/15/2013
I taken courses like this and didn't walk away with much. Between the good teacher and group work I feel I've gained a wealth of knowledge to use in my job.
H..J., Toronto   |   1/11/2013
The facilitator was excellent. After 5 days I expected to be bored. Not at all!


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