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The training division of Gerotek Vehicle Test Facilities offers driver training courses, including the following:

Defensive On-road Driving:

In order to negotiate safely with other road users this module is essential, especially when you calculate the amount of distance covered by the average driver on the road. This module will help the driver to react pro-actively towards any possible hazardous situation on the road.

Skidpan Training:

Driver error is the reason for skids occurring. The first exercise covered is aquaplaning on the dynamic circular track at Gerotek. The rest of the day is spent on the skidpan where causes of skids, recognition of skids and skid control are covered. This is a necessity as the amount of accidents increases with rain and wet road conditions.

Dynamic Ride and Handling:

Smoothness is the aim of this training module. Aspects such as straight line braking, controlled cornering, limitations of yourself and your vehicle, are typical aspects covered during this session. This module is presented on a track which consists of dry and wet road surfaces to emphasise the change in driving style that should be applied in different weather and road conditions.

Hijack Prevention:

With the S.A. hijack statistics increasing aggressively, the need to obtain some form of defence has become extremely important. The means of defence for any driver is awareness. Target hardening, preventative measures, state of readiness, reactive measures, etc. are only some of the topics covered during this presentation.

4x4 Driving Course:

This course will provide 4x4 drivers with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to drive their vehicle in any off-road condition. The theoretical component includes discussions on sensible off-road habits, safety/risk factors and coverage of the 4X4 drive line layouts and mechanics of different 4x4 vehicles. The theory is complemented by practical sessions learning general off-road driving techniques and negotiating obstacles such as sand, gradients, side slopes, river crossings, rocky terrain, etc.

4x4 Recovery Course:

The focus is on safety and the prevention of danger to man, machine, environment and equipment. Delegates will learn how to assess a recovery exercise, confirm an approach and select the right equipment and technique.

Taxi Training:

This training course provides a taxi-driver with the necessary skills to operate his vehicle in a cost-effective, safe and responsible manner on public roads. It also focuses on facilitating change of a mind set and attitude of a taxi-driver. If the mind set and attitude is not changed, the skills training will not have an impact or influence on the trainees.

Bus and Heavy Vehicle Training:

The basis of all the training programs is theoretical in-class sessions where aspects such as basic mechanics and dynamics of heavy vehicles, driver fatigue, alcohol, responsibility, attitudes of drivers, etc. are covered.

The lecture is followed by practical defensive on-road driving which covers driving on urban and suburban roads after which drivers are exposed to a range of scenarios that require them to be in control of their vehicles in sudden changing road conditions.

Skills Programmes and Learnerships:

The skills programmes and learnerships concluded by Gerotek Training for the National Certificates in Professional Driving, is in line with the Skills Development Act, SAQA accredited and pitches on NQF Level 3.

This qualification can be clustered in such a way to make provision for a learner not to be away from his/her workplace for too long periods.

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Gerotek Test Facilities

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