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Best Practices in SME and MSME Banking

Euromoney Learning, In London
5 days
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5 days
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Course description

Best Practices in SME and MSME Banking

In many countries top bankers recognize the vital importance of micro, small and middle-size enterprises (MSME's”) to their national economies and societies. They understand that MSME's are a national priority and wish to contribute to their development. However, these bankers are also well aware that the profitability to banks of MSME business varies over a wide range. Some banks enjoy high profitability while others lose considerable sums. This presents dilemmas to many banks: How much effort to devote to MSME business? How to run the business so that there is good chance of producing big profits and high profitability? More specific challenges are:

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Who should attend?

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is for top bankers, senior managers who are expected to reach this level, and those who support directly the top management teams of their banks:

  • Owners and main board directors
  • CEO's and members of boards of management and top executive committees
  • General managers, executive vice presidents and senior managers responsible for MSME Banking, Branch Network Management, and Subsidiary Companies involved in MSME financial services such as insurance, investment, software and educational services
  • Senior executives in Retail, Premium & Private Banking who are interested in selling their services to the staff and owners of MSME's
  • Senior executives responsible for support divisions, including Strategy, Marketing, Sales Support, Credit Risk and Market Risk Management, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Internal Audit and Compliance
  • High-flyers” with potential to rise to top positions will find the seminar beneficial and broadening.

Training content

Day 1

  • 1. Presentation: Introduction to the Seminar

Theme 1: Overall Strategies For Msme Banking

  • 2. Presentation: The Important Contributions Made by MSME'S to Economies, Society and Government
  • 3. Presentation: Definitions of MSME's Used by Governments and Banks
  • 4. Presentation: The Key Elements of MSME Banking Strategy
  • 5. Presentation: World-Class Standards & Examples of MSME Banking
  • Theme 2: Marketing And Selling To Msme'S
  • 6. Group Work: Segmenting the MSME Markets of Participants' Banks
  • 7. Presentation: Case Histories: Successful MSME Marketing Strategies

Day 2

  • 8. Presentation: MSME Products, Services, Packages and Channels Provided by Leading Banks
  • 9. Group Work: Setting MSME Product & Channels Development Priorities for Participants' Banks
  • 10. Case Study: Formulating a "Winning" MSME Marketing Strategy
  • 11. Case Answer: Formulating a "Winning" MSME Marketing Strategy
  • 12. Presentation: Case History: How One Bank Intensified Selling to MSME's

Day 3

  • 13. Group Work: Intensifying Selling to MSME's by Participants' Banks

Theme 3: Organising For Effective Msme Banking

  • 14. Presentation: Case History: Building a Successful MSME Division
  • 15. Presentation: Best-Practice Relationship Management of MSMEʼs
  • 16. Case Study: Segmenting Branches to Boost MSME Sales, Service, Productivity & Profitability
  • 17. Case Answer: Segmenting Branches to Boost MSME Sales, Service, Productivity & Profitability
  • 18. Presentation: Assessing, Training & Rewarding MSME Relationship Managers

Day 4

Theme 4: World-Class Msme Credit Risk Management

  • 19. Presentation: World-Class Standards of MSME Credit Risk Management
  • 20. Case Study: Target-ROE Risk-Adjusted Pricing of MSME Loans TRAP”
  • 21. Case Study: Target-ROE Risk-Adjusted Pricing of MSME Loans TRAP”
  • 22. Presentation: Case History: Strengthening MSME Credit Management in a Major Bank
  • 23. Group Work: Advancing MSME Credit Management in Participants' Banks

Theme 5: Planning And Controlling Business With Msme'S

  • 24. Case Study: Measuring Correctly the Profitability of MSME Customer Relationships

Day 5

  • 25. Case Answer: Measuring the Profitability of Products, Customers and Branches
  • 26. Presentation: Focusing Planning & Control on to MSME's
  • 27. Group Work: Setting Key Performance Targets for MSME Banking KPT's”

Theme 6: Priorities For Progress At Participants' Banks

  • 28. Presentation: Case History: How One Bank Boosted Greatly the Profitability of MSME Banking
  • 29. Group Work: Setting Priorities for Participants' Banks to Achieve Best-Practice MSME Banking
  • 30. Presentation: Summary of the Seminar


Course fee: £4895 + VAT

Certification / Credits

This seminar explores the best-practice MSME banking strategies and management methods adopted by leading banks and how Participants' banks could upgrade their approaches to these high standards:

  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of the main areas of MSME banking in which best-practices are essential for success in today's highly competitive MSME banking markets
  • To examine best-practices in MSME banking as they relate to marketing and selling
  • To review world-class approaches to MSME credit risk management
  • To examine the organisation structures, planning & control systems of leading MSME banks
  • To evaluate modern HR policies and processes in MSME banking
  • To assess ways that Participants' banks could upgrade their own MSME banking strategies and management methods to world-class standards
  • To pinpoint strategic priorities for Participants' banks over the next year and beyond
  • The seminar is very practical and based on the experiences of many successful banks all over the world. It is not academic” but does provide a strong conceptual framework for dealing with the complexities of running MSME banking at a high level of profitability.

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