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Software Development

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Software Development

The Software Development track is designed so you can learn how to build, test, and deploy code for web and mobile apps using Python, C#, Javascript, Git, and more

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Training content

This online learning track is part of an unlimited Foundation subscription and includes the following on-demand courses:

Software Development Basics

  1. Run, Debug, and Correct Source Code
  2. Identify the Elements of a Computer Language
  3. Categorize a Value as a Data Type
  4. Combine Values into Composite Data Types
  5. Select an Appropriate Collection Type
  6. Follow the Execution Path of a Program

Python for Absolute Beginners

  1. Introduction to Programming and Python
  2. The Big Ideas of Software Development
  3. Writing Your First Lines of Code
  4. Code That Interacts With Users
  5. Organizing and Reusing Code With Functions
  6. Cleaner Code WIth Common Data Structures
  7. Problem Solving Techniques for Writing Software
  8. Reading and Writing Files in Python
  9. Using External Python Packages
  10. Error Handling


  1. Install the Git Tools
  2. Clone an Existing Repository in Git
  3. Add Files to a Repository with Git
  4. Edit Files in a Git Repository
  5. Create and Merge Branches in Git
  6. Rewrite History in a Git Repository
  7. Resolve Merge Conflicts in Git

Python Language Concepts

  1. Python Language Concepts: Pack and Unpack Parameters and Arguments
  2. Python Language Concepts: Leverage the Full Power of Dictionaries
  3. Python Language Concepts: Create Decorators to Add Functionality to Existing Functions
  4. Python Language Concepts: Write Modular Classes and Mixins with Multiple Inheritance
  5. Python Language Concepts: Create Properties to Implement Getters, Setters, and Deleters
  6. Python Language Concepts: Iterate Over Iterators and Iterables
  7. Python Language Concepts: Create Generators to Easily Implement Iterators
  8. Python Language Concepts: Use String Interpolation to Simplify Text Manipulation
  9. Python Language Concepts: Deal with Runtime Errors Gracefully with Exception Handling
  10. Python Language Concepts: Write Pythonic Code


  1. Learn About ORMs and SQLAlchemy
  2. Learn SQLAlchemy ORM
  3. Learn SQLAlchemy Core


  1. Serialize Python to JSON
  2. Deserialize JSON to Python
  3. Write Custom JSON Encoders and Decoders for Python


  1. SQLite: Retrieve Data
  2. SQLite: Insert, Update, and Delete
  3. SQLite: Other Considerations

Command Line Interface (CLI)

  1. Build a CLI with argparse
  2. Build an Advanced CLI with argparse
  3. Use Alternative Tools to Build a CLI


  1. Work with Files and Processes on Your Workstation Using OS and Paramiko
  2. Work with Files on a Remote Server Using OS and Paramiko


  1. Logging with Python
  2. Debugging with Python
  3. Profiling with Python

Testing with Python

  1. Write Unit Tests for Python Code
  2. Use Mocking to Isolate Code for Unit Testing

Ultimate Java Masterclass

  1. Introduction to Java
  2. Variables, Data Types, and Operators
  3. Control Flow
  4. Object-Oriented Programming
  5. OOP in Depth
  6. Data Structures, Arrays, and Strings
  7. The Java Collections Framework and Generics
  8. Advanced Data Structures in Java
  9. Exception Handling

C Sharp (C#)

  1. Compile a Command-Line Program with C#
  2. Format Strings for Output with C#
  3. Display Numeric Values with C#
  4. Call Code in Other Assemblies with C#
  5. Write and Call Methods with C#
  6. Organize Your Code into Classes with C#
  7. Simplify Your Classes with Properties with C#
  8. Simplify Your Code with Enums with C#
  9. Handle Exceptions with C#
  10. Create a Class Library with C#

Entity Framework

  1. Use LocalDb as a Development Database with Entity Framework
  2. Read Database Data with Entity Framework
  3. Insert, Update, and Delete Data from a Database Using Entity Framework
  4. Write LINQ to Entity Framework Queries
  5. Use Stored Procedures with Entity Framework
  6. Use Enterprise Patterns with Entity Framework


  1. Getting Started with JavaScript: Configure Your Development Environment
  2. Getting Started with JavaScript: Understand Javascript Language Essentials
  3. Getting Started with JavaScript: Understand Booleans, Numbers, and Strings
  4. Getting Started with JavaScript: Create and Use Arrays
  5. Getting Started with JavaScript: Learn Object-Oriented Programming
  6. Getting Started with JavaScript: Learn About ECMAScript 6


  1. Explore the Advantages of TypeScript
  2. Use Classes and Interfaces in TypeScript
  3. Functions and Arrow Functions in TypeScript
  4. Use Internal and External Modules in TypeScript
  5. Discover More TypeScript Features


  1. Intro to Python
  2. Python Basics
  3. Flow Control with Python
  4. Python Functions
  5. Importing Modules with Python
  6. HTTP Requests with Python


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