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Machine Learning

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Machine Learning

The Machine Learning track offers Hands-on training and knowledge checks for Machine Learning, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, and Applied AI and Natural Language Processing.

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Training content

This online learning track is part of an unlimited Data Academy subscription and includes the following on-demand courses:

The Machine Learning Workshop

  1. Introduction to Scikit-Learn
  2. Clustering
  3. Key Concepts of Supervised Learning
  4. Supervised Learning Algorithms
  5. Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
  6. Building A Trained Model

The Supervised Learning Workshop

  1. Introduction to Supervised Learning with Python
  2. Exploring and Visualizing Data with Python
  3. Performing Linear Regression with Python
  4. Performing Classification Tasks with Python
  5. Creating Ensemble Models with Python
  6. Evaluating Supervised Learning Models with Python

The Unsupervised Learning Workshop

  1. Introduction to Clustering
  2. Hierarchical Clustering
  3. Neighborhood Approaches and DBSCAN
  4. Dimensionality Reduction Techniques and PCA
  5. Autoencoders
  6. t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding
  7. Topic Modeling
  8. Market Basket Analysis
  9. Hotspot Analysis

The Reinforcement Learning Workshop

  1. Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
  2. Introduction to The Markov Decision Process and Dynamic Programming
  3. Practice Deep Learning with TF2
  4. Getting Started with OpenAI and TensorFlow for RL
  5. Introduction to Dynamic Programming
  6. Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods
  7. Introduction to Temporal-Difference Learning
  8. Solving the Multi Armed Bandit Problem
  9. Introduction to Deep Q Learning
  10. Playing an Atari Game with a Deep Recurrent Q Network
  11. Introduction to Policy Based Methods for Reinforcement Learning
  12. Discussing Evolutionary Strategies for Reinforcement Learning
  13. Discussing Advancements for Reinforcement Learning

The Applied AI and Natural Language Processing Workshop

  1. An Introduction to AWS
  2. Analyzing Documents and Text with Natural Language Processing
  3. Topic Modeling and Theme Extraction
  4. Introduction to Conversational Artificial Intelligence
  5. Using Speech With the Chatbot
  6. Introduction to Computer Vision and Image Processing


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