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Tackling Bias and Creating Inclusion

Corporate Education Group
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Tackling Bias and Creating Inclusion

Actively tackling bias in the workplace helps build better organizations… and better people. If you want to unleash the true potential of your workforce, it’s important to create an environment in which diverse perspectives, contributions, and talents can flourish – where everyone feels valued and visible.

The first step in creating such a culture is surfacing and dismantling unconscious belief structures that skew decision making and cloud objectivity. Mitigating bias is not a one-and-done event; it is a journey. Accordingly, this highly interactive workshop is paced and structured to reflect just such a process of unfolding.

Because unbiasing is about accountability instead of blame, participants are invited to move through this learning experience with curiosity and compassion. They will explore the impact of bias and stereotyping through a variety of activities, including large group and team exercises, individual reflection, videos, scenario practice and role play. They will also learn and practice inclusive behaviors, discovering how they can help co-create a culture in which diversity and inclusion are leveraged to provide robust solutions, innovative outcomes, and a sense of unity and belonging.

Training content


  • Audience: Full group (ideally capped at 80 people)
  • Self-paced: Implicit Association Test
    • Take a research-based Implicit Association Test
    • Be prepared to discuss your results in the next session

Week 1

  • Audience: Full group
  • Instructor-led virtual session

Opening Activities

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Kick-off by sponsor or senior leader at organization
  • Program overview and structure
  • Activity: large group virtual spectrogram

Exploring Bias

  • Video: “Making the Unconscious Conscious”
  • Not all illusions are visual
  • The neuroscience of bias
    • Cognitive overload and the law of least effort
    • Negativity bias and the amygdala hijack
  • Activities: biases that frequently impact teams
    • Priming effect
    • Anchoring bias
    • Justification bias
    • Fundamental attribution error (in-group bias)
  • How bias skews decision making
  • Some statistics

The Foundation for a Culture of Inclusion

  • The importance of psychological safety
  • Dimensions of diversity
  • The “Head, Heart, and Hands” model
  • Starting on the path

Week 2

  • Audience: Full group
  • Self-paced: watch a TED Talk on the dangers of stereotypes
  • Watch the above and share your reaction with your accountability partner

Week 3

  • Audience: Full group segmented into small groups of 16-20
  • Instructor-led virtual session

Identifying Dimensions of Diversity

  • Review of Implicit Association Test results
  • Exploring the four layers of the diversity wheel
    • Activity: individual reflection
    • Activity: small group exercise and class debrief
  • Making the unconscious conscious
    • Activity: changing a habit

Taking Action to Counteract Bias at Work

  • Unpacking stereotypes
  • Video: stereotypes and performance bias
  • Activity: surfacing and mitigating bias
  • Identifying micro-behaviors
  • Activity: accountability partners

Scenario Practice

  • Scenario 1: scripted role play
    • Activities: which is the most inclusive option?
  • Scenario 2: scripted role play
    • Activities: which is the most inclusive option?

Week 4

  • Audience: Full group
  • Self-paced: Listen to a podcast episode on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Listen to the podcast (link to be shared with group) and share your reaction with your accountability partner

Week 5

  • Audience: Same small groups as Week 3
  • Instructor-led virtual session

Practicing Inclusive Behaviors

  • Debrief of TED Talk video
  • Moving from bystander to advocate
    • Steps for addressing bias
    • Communicating effectively
  • Inclusive facilitation skills
    • For meetings
    • For brainstorms and idea generation
  • Vital behaviors
    • Ensuring all voices are heard and acknowledged
    • Asking powerful questions
    • Surfacing assumptions
    • Giving first thoughts a second look
  • Activity: self-assessment and small group sharing

Creating a Culture of Inclusion

  • Inclusive leadership
    • Empowerment
    • Accountability
    • Courage
    • Humility
    • Small group activity: force field analysis
  • Creating an action plan
    • Personal
    • Organizational (senior leaders)
    • Team (people managers who manage a team)
    • Direct reports (people managers who have direct reports but not a team)
  • Communicating goals and measuring progress

Week 6

  • Audience: people managers and employees
  • Self-paced: Meetings between managers and direct reports / teams
  • Scheduled meetings where you discuss your experience of the Tackling Bias program and share your goals

Week 7

  • Audience: all staff
  • Instructor-led virtual session

Program Synthesis and Wrap-up

  • Kick-off by sponsor or senior leader
  • Activity: large group virtual spectrogram
  • Activity: sharing of organizational goals (senior leadership nominee)
  • Activity: sharing of manager goals (people manager nominee)
  • Activity: sharing of employee goals (employee nominee)
  • Activity: creating a live word cloud
  • Wrap-up and next steps


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