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Why Don’t You Teach the Way That I Learn?™

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Course description

Consulting Resource Group International, Inc.

Why Don’t You Teach the Way That I Learn?

The research from National Science Foundation on Instructional & Learning Style consideration proved without a doubt that student and individual success is highly influenced by the consideration of this concept in instructional design, instructor strategies and learner engagement.

Outcomes from the work and research of W. Michael Sturm.

The following student success rates compared to control groups:

  • Grade-point average improved by 80 percent
  • Units completed per term improved by 76 percent
  • Persistence (the ratio of the number of terms students who attempted coursework, regardless of grades, to the number of consecutive pairs of semesters) improved by 82 percent.

Anybody who suggests there is no such thing as learning style has not done their research, is not an instructor and has not been a parent to multiple kids.

In these sessions we will establish your learning style pattern and if an instructor also your instructional style pattern. Learning is how individuals want to and prefer to engage knowledge.

This course content is regularly used in mentoring programs for both the mentor and mentee.

Self-awareness is critical in being able to be an effective learner and also an effective instructor and instructional designer. Being a life long learner is foundational for today’s fast past environment. Prior to attending this session each participant will complete the Learning Style Indicator and possibly the Instructional Style Indicator assessment (value $45 per person).

This workshop is available in various formats to suit your need. Please inquire for more information.

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Training content

Session 1

Developing the Whole Person and the Power of Self-Awareness

  • Learn a simple yet powerful model on how to measure an individual’s readiness and willingness to change.
  • Explore the condition Scott Peck outlines in his book, The Road Less Travelled. It is the most difficult to treat or deal with¾both personally and with clients
  • Examine why developing the “Whole Person” is critical to realizing one’s own potential and career and also helping others do the same. Learn seven factors to consider when developing self and others and how they all influence your learning and instructional styles.
  • Unearth why the power of self-awareness is foundational to working with any client with purpose, career or life directions as well as ourselves as professionals.
  • Explore what Learning and Instructional Style is and how it is different than personality.
  • Answer to the question: How does Nature and Nurture influence my learning and instructional style? And why this is important to our life and development.

Session 2

What Is Your Learning/Instructional Style?

  • Learn about independent research that has confirmed it is IMPOSSIBLE to choose a career path, build relationships, lead others, or realize your potential without this one piece of personal insight.
  • Identify the unique characteristics of the four learning & instructional style dimensions in their purest form.
  • Understand why describing individuals by their highest learning style dimensions only, is discriminatory and hinders their potential.
  • Recognize the power of learning/instructional style dimension intensities and patterns.
  • Discover what self-honoring and validation of your learning style has to do with everyone’s success and confidence.
  • Comprehend why your primary and secondary patterns, blends, and combinations are the most important element of your personal style.

Session 3

Successfully Understanding Self and Others (In-Depth)

  • Understand the power and core elements of the PSI Model.
  • What would it mean to become aware of the impact of their and others’ behavior is having in the environment.
  • Learn new definitions of Extroversion and Introversion and how this new understanding is personally empowering for the learner and instructor.
  • Discover what learning style dimension is extroverted but does not prefer people.
  • Calculate your personal levels of Extroversion and Introversion and the impact your orientation has on your preferred learning and instructional style.
  • Comprehend what it means to have a Verbal or Non-Verbal Orientation.
  • Determine what style dimension is Verbal, yet Introverted.
  • Determine your level of Relationship and Task Orientation.
  • Develop the skill of Learning/Instructional Style-Shifting so you not only know yourself but also what others need from you to build a positive learning environments for yourself and others.
  • Understanding strengths, challenges, limitations, style-shifting strategies so you can make adjustments to increase your effectiveness.


  • 3 Versions of this course available:
    • 4 Hour Learner Module
    • 4 Hour Instructor Module
    • 6 Hour Instructor TTT Module
  • Webinar: 3 sessions – 75-90 minute sessions  $397 per person (min 10 people) Flat Fee available with $85 Per Person Material Cost
  • On-Demand E-Course $297 per person (Pending August 2021) (volume discounts available)
  • On-Site Company Specific: Level 1
    • Live 4-6 Hours - $7500/day plus $85 per person materials (No limited to attendees (just by room size))
  • Level 1 - Virtual Session– E-Learning $4-6,000
    • 4  hours plus materials $45 for Learners $85 per person for instructors

Certification / Credits

You will Learn:

  • Why and How to Developing the Whole Person is important to your learning success.
  • The importance of Self-Awareness and why it is core to any successful career process, development of growth – change is not possible without it.
  • The Foundational Knowledge of Learning/Instructional Style and it is not what most think!
  • How both Nature and Nurture affect our learning and instructional success.
  • You will learn about your Learning/Instructional Style Patterns and how they influence how you take in and impart knowledge
  • Fresh new definitions of Extroversion and Introversion and how past definitions have been harmful to individuals and how this influences the learning environments
  • Identify your learning and instructional strengths but also your areas that are your weakness or a challenge.
  • What different learning styles need and require but also what others who are different than you need and what to shift in your approaches to better serve, support and lead others, especially your learners.
  • Document an action plan to implement this information in your life and the clients you serve.
  • And finally, have fun during the sessions in a safe, supportive learning environment.

Why choose CRG?

Founded in 1979, now with over 1 million participants in 30 countries in 12 languages

Publisher of 12 different assessments, with an 85% switch rate to our Personal Style Indicator assessment from DiSC, MBTI, True Colors, etc.

CRG certifies other professionals on training content, and their certification training is rated among the Top 10 globally by the Lead 500 Awards


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Headmaster, Seabury Hall
07 Jan 2021
Excellent resources for instructors and students

The Learning Style Indicator (LSI) and Instructional Style Indicator (ISI) used in this course are excellent resources for instructors and students looking for quick and complet...

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Consulting Resource Group International, Inc.

Consulting Resource Group (CRG) was founded in 1979 with the purpose of providing an alternative to others personality assessments like MBTI, DiSC and others that participants found difficult to understand, use or even invalid. Hence the creation of CRG's Personal...

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