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Owner, Woodiwiss Painting

Our team went through the PSI video training today. Absolutely fantastic job! We got tons of value, my team all shared areas they’d like to grow and I have to say I’m shocked how open and transparent they were. Your assessment is spot on for each of them and me, a little scary how well it works. I’ll recommend CRG to anyone I know whose looking...

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New York Times Bestseller, The Power of Focus

Clarifying what you really want in life is a mystery for millions of people around the world. Discovering your true purpose requires an even deeper level of awareness and understanding. This is where the magic happens and author Dr. Ken Keis has simplified the way to fulfillment and happiness in his ground breaking book and eCourse, The Quest F...

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Bestselling Author: Thinking? Answering Life’s Five Biggest Questions

We live in a purpose-confused culture. We all look for purpose but have no idea where to find it. Ken’s new eCourse and book is an inspiring journey of answering life’s greatest questions-why am I here?

30-Year U.S. Navy SEAL; CEO, Fifth Factor Leadership

The Quest For Purpose is a fabulous eCourse, process and handbook to help each of us attain better self-awareness and to aid us in finding our desired path. To get to where we want to go, first we must better understand where and who we are. Of the many books and processes offering guidance in their area, Dr. Ken Keis offers the most practical, ...

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Abbotsford Christians Schools.

Its exceptionaly Surprising how accurate the results are and how much they resonate with your profile summarie and you begin underlining the things that are true of you. it feels like somebody open up your brain and picked inside and says wow this is me.. its a validating experience

Douglas College

The value i got out of these three days, although exhausting trying to get intimate with yourself, was the best three days that i've spent on me in a really long time

IWD Europe

I was most interested in the Value assessment part of the PMAC becauste it make sense for us in Europe and was immediately applicable

Hyper Growth Agency

These three days were very, very transformative. The content was amazing, the approach of looking at personalities and personal develpment thruough a holistic view, Ken covered from understanding yourself to understanding your own value to how you would behave. How would you connect with a job, determine your team members, your employees, how to...

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Author of Integral City: Evolutionary Intellgences for the Human Hive

The World needs deliberate leaders who are self-aware, values-centered and able to perceive life through other's ways of knowing so they can credibly influence teams and organizations to achieve shared purposes. Deliberate Leadership Shows leader the what, why and how to acquire core skill, key practices and team strategies to serve with Spirit,...

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CEO & President, Beroe Inc.

Deliberate Leadreship Course By Dr. Kes provides the key to the secrets of positive emotional intelligence and the power of influence. I truly enjoyed learning and i plan to share it whith our employees worldwide!

Author, New York Times Best Seller, What Got you Here Won't Get You There

All professionals who are striving to find or re-find their footing at work will benefit from the Key principles and thught-provoking exercises posed in this powerful, interactive course!

Headmaster, Seabury Hall

The Learning Style Indicator (LSI) and Instructional Style Indicator (ISI) used in this course are excellent resources for instructors and students looking for quick and complete learning style tools that will improve their educational skill levels. I was especially impressed with the information and suggestions provided. As an independent schoo...

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Regional Director, Realty World, Western Canada Region

I would like to compliment you on the programs you presented to our Brokers and Commercial Division Sales staff. This course is a usable tool by anyone who wants to improve and expand their inter-personal skills and communication effectiveness. With regard to the "Leading The Survivors of Change" session with our owners and managers, I feel your...

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Broker/General Manager, Realty World, Hall Agencies

I used Consulting Resource Group's tools in a staff meeting with all my staff. This has brought us outstanding results. As a result we have become more focused and efficient, resulting in higher productivity, not only in sales, but the willingness for everyone to work together as a team.

Manager, Nestle Brands

We've been using CRG's resources and also the Sales Style Indicator and SSI In-Depth Interpretations for two years. They play a key role in our first-tier Sales Skills program. I recommend them, given our experiences.

Youth Development Specialist, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Participants were intrigued with the Personal Style Indicator as each person began to understand their strengths and areas to improve, they were able to recognize strengths in others and how each could be motivated. Participants gained an understanding of personal styles through the course. Many commented on how well it kept their interest throu...

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New York Times Bestselling Author of The One Minute Manager and Lead with LUV

Ken Keis is giving the definite go-to guide for understanding what makes you -and people around you- tick. Why Aren't You More Like Me? is a fascinating course, because it's all about you! This course will challenge the way you think about yourself and your world

Earl J., Manager

Ken's knows how to established a good atmosphere for learning. I found that the PSI course proved beneficial in building a better interpersonal relations and a strengthened our work team.

David M., Doing Family Right

The PSI ecourse is an incredible asset that blows all other attempts out of the water. It gives confidence and tangible direction toward helping others⎯personally and professionally.

Darren S., La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

These tools such as PSI ecourse have provided insight on how I can be a better leader professionally and personally. Would recommend taking the Personal Style Indicator ecourse to anyone whom is ready to make a change and/or difference.

Danielle M., Denbow Transport Ltd.

I have grown up taking (many different) personality assessments, and done (plenty) of training and courses on self-awareness and leadership skills. But I don’t think I have ever felt so equipped⎯to not only understand myself and others, but also to teach others how to do the same⎯as I do after completing the Personal Style Indicator ecourse! I w...

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Esther W., Triangle Community Resources

I feel the Personal Style Model is an instrumental piece of the whole person. Learning the model will help in everyday life relationships, group dynamics, conflict resolution and understanding humankind, (as well as) gives permission and grace to the complexity of humanity. I feel this is an invaluable tool for individuals, families, teams, and ...

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Danielle S.
Aaron D., MCC Community Enterprises Inc.

I’ve been privileged enough to have taken and used many of the most common personality and other self-assessments. The PSI and the other CRG assessments are by far the best. They give people the freedom to be themselves and accept who they are.

Jenny L., Certified Parent Coach

The Values Preference Indicator ecourse was a particular eye-opener for me. It was a real wake-up call to discover that the areas I value most are areas in which I don’t spend the most time. For example, I highly value friendship, but I was not making time to get together with friends. Knowing my top values and rating my satisfaction in those ar...

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