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Course participant reviews for Columbia College Chicago Online

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Based on 12 reviews

Brett G.
This course has made me think about whether I really do want to "open a business" rather than just work contractually/ Whether next month or next year, the course has helped make those plans crystallize.
Victoria M.
The hands-on experience with creating sound and music for immersive media has been so valuable in this course.
Meghan P.
The information has been very robust and informative. The materials are really relevant and apply to real-life scenarios.
Mariam E.
I took ASL through Columbia Online and it was an absolutely incredible experience. As someone who was living in Minnesota, the online course provided me access to the great faculty and wealth of information that I would not have been able to access otherwise.
Evan G.
This course is useful for my future since I am creating reports for the business users in my organization, and I can apply the principle in my work.
Bram P.
The instructor organizes and presents the tutorials in a way which maximizes impact and efficiency. While there are many tutorials online already provided by Unity, Austin has done a very good job of bridging those materials and filling in the blanks.
Helen G.
I am going to be a nonprofit coach in the future—this is exactly what I needed at this point in my career!
John S.
I have learned plenty of valuable skills that will help me create an impressive virtual reality and augmented reality experience. The instructor has contributed tremendously towards helping us create compelling experiences. I was also able to impress my friends and colleagues with the portfolio I created from this course.
Maranda L.
This course has been excellent. I find the small videos with Sam very engaging and his responses to what I write quite interesting. I fell I am getting value for my time and money.
Paige W.
This course applies to my future goals in the sense that I could come up with my own app and tie that into medicine. I would love to travel and show others how Swift works and how they can evolve their ideas.
Marvin S.
I'm interested in incorporating blockchain and its application into distribution and logistics. In this course, the overall information and format of blockchain has been broken down.
Keith M.
I have been trying to teach myself iOS development for a long time. I needed the structure of this class to actually stick with it. I also liked having the added motivation and structure of working toward having a functioning App at the end of class which added purpose to each step of the App development process.

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