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Center for Coaching Certification

Center for Coaching Certification

The Center for Coaching Certification aims to provide participants with training and support within the field of coaching through ICF-approved ACSTH programs, including:

  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Mentor Coaching to help you earn your ACC credential
  • Certified {Business, Career, Executive, Life, or Wellness} Coach Specialist training in to continue on for the PCC or MCC credentials
  • Individual Coaching - Advanced Development for Advanced Results

The Center for Coaching Certification is also accredited by IACET to offer CEUs.

Their coach training programs are offered to both individuals and groups, and can be taken online, blended online and in-person, or in-house at your workplace.

All graduates are provided a personal dashboard with access to give multiple assessments including DISC, 360, EIQ, and more.

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On-site / Company-specific
Coaching Length Price Location Reviews
Coaching Skills for Leaders Internal Training Tailored for the company Worldwide
Personal Development
Coaching Services Tailored for the individual Worldwide          
Live Webinar
Certified Business Coach Specialist 35 hours 1,995 USD Online
Certified Career Coach Specialist 35 hours 1,995 USD Online
Certified Executive Coach Specialist 35 hours 1,995 USD Online          
Certified Life Coach Specialist 35 hours 1,995 USD Online
Certified Master Coach 35 hours 1,995 USD Online          
Certified Professional Coach 30 hours 1,695 USD Multiple (14)          
Certified Wellness Coach Specialist 35 hours 1,995 USD Online
Coaching Practicum class 30 hours 1,895 USD Online

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Center for Coaching Certification

1677 Deverly Drive
33801 Lakeland Florida


Jennifer S. Williams   |   1/7/2019
This was a very interactive and fun online learning program which was extremely effective in imparting the training. I was very pleased to participate and would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking Professional Coach training.
Kirsten Goulde   |   10/29/2018
I had a very positive experience in this certification program. Our interactive webinars led by a certified coach provided an excellent foundation of knowledge of the profession, the ethics, and skills needing development to be the best in this field we can be. The two-day in-person practicum allowed us to practice what we learned with our lear...
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Jeff Whitehorn   |   4/24/2018
I just completed the Certified Master Coach program and it was outstanding! I learned so much while improving my skills as a coach. I highly recommend this course.
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