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Course participant reviews for ASPE Training

Average rating 4.8

Based on 470 reviews.

A. Bothwell
The content and material was relevant, and fantastic. The instructor was a fantastic instructor who was extremely knowledgeable and had a deep understanding of the subject matter. Almost as importantly he was able to manage the class and the flow of the course very well, something which is a challenge for any instructor, especially when dealing ...
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F. Martinez
The trainer did a great job with the course content and facilitated the exercises very well. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that would like to understand the fundamentals of Agile and DevOPs. The trainer provided excellent and very current examples that applied to the course material and exercises.
T. Wilson
The instructor was awesome. His knowledge of the material allowed him to adapt the course on-the-fly to our specific needs, rather than simply sticking to the syllabus.
B. Turner
The training was great. We were able to use a project that we are working on in the labs to get a better understanding of how DevOps plays a role in it. The instructor was great, he kept the class entertained and I felt that I walked out understanding what I was learning.
K. Mitchell
This was one of the best instructors we've ever worked with. He has the ability to keep the class engaged with real world examples and has an excellent pulse on the momentum he is achieving from module-to-module. He provided resources to help our team implement the teachings following the training session, and, I am very excited to apply the pri...
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M. Fleck
Excellent experience to share with team, answered all questions thoughtfully with appropriate detail
B. Zaremski
He was able to adjust and tweak the course to match our speed and knowledge and relate to our personal company. Highly recommend him to others, very informative, clear, and friendly. He went above and beyond.
K. Fitzpatrick
We covered a lot in 3 days but I think that shows the class covered all the exam materials well. The instructor did an excellent job presenting the materials which isn't easy online. He knows his stuff.
M. McGinty
The instructor was fantastic! By far one of the best instructors I have had for a professional development course. I would highly recommend his courses to friends/colleagues.
S. Day
The instructor was great at demo'ing and explaining things, he wasn't just reading off slides which was great.
L. Fruhling
V. Laidler
The instructor provided us with the supplementary/reference materials used in class, which was excellent.
A. Willcox
Participant's commentThe instructor for this course was excellent. He was friendly and welcoming. He promoted collaboration without making it feel like a burden. He gave positive feedback and commented on work when needed.
J. Craig
This course was great, and so was the instructor. Our department is new and she really helped us develop some tools that we can use in the future.
E. Fischer
The instructor was phenomenal. I really enjoyed his style, way of addressing questions and class exercises. He was a master instructor. The course really imprinted on me in a way that reading about scrum couldn't do.
A. Murphy
The activities were engaging and really helped solidify the course content. The instructor was engaging and shared just enough personal anecdotes to drive home his points.
R. Yoshinaga
As a new BA, this was perfect for me. I didn't have any background in being a BA, but I was familiar with the terminology. This class helped flesh out the details of what I was hearing and helped put expectations around the terms and roles. I now have a strong understanding of my role in the company and the people that work with me.
S. Abbasi
The instructor was amazing and answered all of my questions when asked! He was great to work with and his knowledge on the matter was very helpful in real life instances.
M. Robinson
Instructor did an excellent job relating the content to our company and facilitating class conversation.
E. Fischer
I attended the course as an online participant and it went very well. I felt very included and the class was well managed. I wanted an up to date course on project management to inlcude in the suite of courses I'm taking on Agile to prepare for either a new career or an added dimension and skill set for staying in the health and safety professio...
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