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MongoDB is a NoSQL database system that solves some very common problems in modern computing. With it, you’ll have high availability and scalability. Plus, it’s available on all of the major cloud platforms and can be run on your hardware just as easily. MongoDB is also highly dynamic because it uses a schemaless approach.

MongoDB is applicable to a number of today's business problems, including product catalogs, content management solutions, high-speed logging, geospatial data storage, and evolving data requirements. Using MongoDB is direct and simple, and there is a wide array of tools to support your application development right out of the box.

In this MongoDB training course, you’ll gain a working knowledge of the full capabilities of the tool, including how to model documents and create relationships between those documents. You’ll gain a greater understanding of queries and sorting. And you’ll improve your queries with detailed explanations of indexing techniques.

This course is intended for participants who want an introduction to MongoDB. Included in the materials is information on how to manage and deploy MongoDB in your development environment. There are numerous hands-on exercises that employ the Mongo Shell.

In this MongoDB Training Course, You will Learn How to:
  • Create relationships between model documents
  • Understand the structure of the MongoDB database
  • Compare and contrast MongoDB with more traditional RDBMS structures
  • Explore MongoDB’s capabilities for simple queries, filtering, and sorting
  • Learn to make applications efficient as your database size grows by properly handling data
  • Review data aggregation features, helping us make use of the data we’ve stored
  • Experiment with replication and sharding as a means to scale your database for reliability and performance
  • Look at techniques for further improving database performance
  • Create a covered query on your task list and use $explain and $hint for improved querying
  • Deploying and Backing up your MongoDB instance

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