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Risk Assessing Bank Operations Using Data Analytics

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4 days

Course description

Risk Assessing Bank Operations Using Data Analytics

The one TRUE fact about any organization is that it is the operations that determine your success or failure as an entity. Many times, not enough attention is devoted by auditors and risk personnel to the enormous number of risks that exist in operations. In this course you will become very familiar with those areas of risk that may not be properly overseen, while developing a 21st century approach to risk assessing these areas using data analytics.

The OCC has defined nine categories of risk for bank supervision purposes. Even though these are specifically defined for federally chartered institutions, these risk categories should be standard operating procedure for all financial institutions. The risk categories defined are: Credit, Interest Rate, Liquidity, Price, Foreign Exchange, Transaction, Compliance, Strategic and Reputation. As with any risk categorization scheme, the categories are not mutually exclusive; any product or service may expose the bank to multiple risks which are fluid and cannot be pigeonholed conveniently. During this seminar we will relate these categories to the operational areas of your financial institution.

In this course we will explore a number of risks in each of these categories that are the key issues of the day and the ongoing issues of tomorrow. You will leave this session with a sound basis for analyzing risk in your financial institution with the data analytics necessary to build a continual/continuous risk oversight system that will be beyond world class.

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Who should attend?

Internal auditors, Audit Directors, risk management personnel, Chief Risk Officers, data analysts


Risk School (OAG201) or equivalent experience

Training content

  1. Mapping a Financial Institution Operationally
  2. Risk Assessing Credit Risk Using Data Analytics
  3. Risk Assessing Interest Rate Risk Using Data Analytics
  4. Risk Assessing Liquidity Risk Using Data Analytics
  5. Risk Assessing Credit Risk Using Data Analytics
  6. Risk Assessing Price Risk Using Data Analytics
  7. Risk Assessing Transaction Risk Using Data Analytics
  8. Risk Assessing Compliance Risk Using Data Analytics
  9. Risk Assessing Strategic Risk Using Data Analytics
  10. Risk Assessing Reputation Risk Using Data Analytics


Average rating 4.3

Based on 3 reviews.
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Andrew T.
30 Jul 2019
Very good learning experience

It was a very good learning experience of how to risk assess bank operations using a different methodology

Jack S.
22 Apr 2019
Great course, wish computers had been provided

Part of the course was teaching us how to use software like Microsoft Visio and Audit programs such as IDEA. It would have been nice to have computers in our class to at least b...

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Xavier R.
18 Apr 2019
Half hour late due to login issues

Prior to start if the session on the first day I called MicroTek help line twice and was told that I had logged in correctly and just to wait for the class to start. I apparent...

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