Course participant reviews for A Comprehensive Introduction to ACL™ Analytics

Average rating 4.8

Based on 17 reviews.

Mike B.
Steven G.

A great introduction to ACL for beginners and those with limited experience.

Jackson W.
Chris H.

Rita is an outstanding teacher. She is patient and went above and beyond to ensure my questions were answered. In addition, Rita spent time with me during lunch to help me with formatting an actual report that I use at work. Rita is awesome!!!

Melinda M.

Overall, excellent instructor and course but a better method of catch-up is needed to minimize the stress of falling behind in the course. Essentially, I was able to maintain the pace but at times it was difficult. There was not always enough time to fully assimilate each step before moving on to the next. And a full one hour lunch break is needed.

Andrew F.

For smaller groups (3 or less students) this class could be shortened to 2 days or 2.25 days. The instructor did a good job answering questions, providing examples, and customizing to the course participants. I would like to see more sophisticated information on SDLC (beyond the basics of scope, risk, etc), since my audit group focuses almost...

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Janet P.
David M.

I was very impressed with the entire experience. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the software, even to the point of explaining to individuals in the class what functions of the software would better apply to their situation over others and why it wouldn't work in another's situation. The facility was well equipped clean and all staf...

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Carl K.

I would have liked for more instruction into the what and why of selection for testing. By that I would have liked for time to have been spent stating why certain fields were used for testing in areas such as joining tables. Some of the training was more of follow the leader and less of this is how you/why you are doing this particular step/data...

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Donna C.
Ron M.

Rita Roberts was my ACL 101 instructor and she was very knowledgeable of the course materials and explained the material in a very clear manner. She was also extremely patient with all of our questions, and took the time to ensure we all understood the material.

Bill S.

Excellent training instructor, program and facilities.

Tricia H.

The instructor for this course was phenomenal. She knows her stuff inside out. She presented the information in such a way that not only will you remember, but you can build upon what you've learned. I was very impressed with this instructor.

Noel, G, TCF Financial Corporation

The content, instructor, and exercises were fantastic and I plan on coming back for the scripting class next year.

Jacqueline, M, US Army

The program was excellent. I enjoyed the approach sessions, gaining hands on experience is good for me.

Adam, C, Brinks Company

Great introductory course; immense amount of material covered.

Michael, T, Sherwin-Williams

Informative. The high level overview of all the functions really help me feel comfortable using ACL and being able to expand further on my own.


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