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Unix and Linux Training

Computer Operating Systems Training: Linux and UNIX

Powerful open source operating systems, Linux and UNIX, allow IT professionals to access a variety of devices and perform a number of functions. As the system is open source, it represents a broad ecosystem for spreading development and results with a level of design that is otherwise impossible.

Find and compare UNIX and Linux training and gain the knowledge to improve day-to-day operations and maintain Linux and UNIX servers to meet critical administrative needs. Find and compare training from the companies listed below and send information requests for further details directly from the training providers.

UNIX/Linux Fundamentals and Shell Scripting
Software Skills Training, Inc.
5 days
2,795 USD
Multiple (108)
This hands on course provides training on standard UNIX/Linux commands and utilities used for day to day tasks including file...
Linux and UNIX Tools and Utilities
Learning Tree International
4 days
2,990 SEK
Multiple (3)
This course provides the knowledge and skills you need to effectively build and use LINUX/UNIX tools and utilities. You perform...
Introduction to Linux, Open Source Development, and GIT
The Linux Foundation
4 days
3,150 USD
Developed to meet the ever-increasing demands for skilled Linux developers, this course will introduce participants to the world of Linux...
Linux Administration and Support
Learning Tree International
4 days
2,990 SEK
Multiple (4)
In this course, you gain the knowledge and skills required to install, design, configure and support a Linux server to...
Shell Scripting with Bash
Learning Tree International
1 day
690 SEK
This course provides the skills and knowledge required to create and run shell scripts to automate command-line tasks. Shell scripting...
Perl 5 Programming Introduction
Learning Tree International
4 days
2,990 SEK
Multiple (2)
In this course, you learn to write effective, reusable Perl scripts. You also learn to structure code with user-generated subroutines,...
Korn Shell and Bash Shell Programming
Software Skills Training, Inc.
3 days
1,795 USD
Multiple (106)
This hands on Korn and Bash Shell scripting course provides a comprehensive introduction to writing Korn and Bash shell scripts....
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Open source operating systems are powerful and professionals skilled in their function are in significant demand. Learn more about how Linux and UNIX function and open an array of professional possibilities and enhance career prospects. 


Learn to build content faster and tap the power of an open source operating system with Linux. The operating system opens up an incredibly powerful ecosystem for development. The major benefit of Linux lies in its freely available source code, which permits the IT professional user to freely alter and customize the system to their needs. 


Gain a variety of highly powerful utilities on a flexible, customizable operating system with skills in UNIX. With UNIX, utilities can be combined, improved, and deepened by anyone. It is highly useful across a range of sectors and plays an important development role for a variety of the technologies that shape our modern world.

UNIX and Linux Training Courses

Used by some of the largest companies in the world, trained professionals in the Linux and UNIX operating systems are vital to the organizations’ competitive advantage and sustainability. Participants enrolling in a UNIX and Linux training course will obtain the necessary skills required to manage, troubleshoot, and install UNIX and Linux servers as well as AIX and red Hat programs. Regardless of what sort of Linux or UNIX training course you’re looking for, our training providers offer courses that will kick start and enhance your career prospects.

UNIX and Linux training and courses are designed to cover key topics such as Linux Advanced Shell Programming, Korn Shell Programming, Linux Advanced System Administration (LPI), Posix Shell Programming, Linux Essentials (LPI), UNIX System Administration, Unix technicial overview, to name a few.

Red Hat

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Red Hat, Inc. builds, maintains, and updates a variety of free and proprietary software packages. It is currently the largest corporate contributor to Linux and represents the most significant single corporate entity selling user subscriptions. Learn skills in Red Hat and be prepared to work with a number of platforms and cloud computing open source frameworks, including Dogtail, MRG, and Open Shift and more.

Other IT Pro courses

IT professionals must be prepared to perform a wide range of tasks and duties as part of their everyday work responsibilities. Consider broadening the above search and find additional courses available to the IT professional. Search within a variety of different subcategories, such as:

  • CAD
  • IT Security
  • Networking and Servers
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