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CEU Training in the United States

In the United States, continuing education or professional continuing education is any learning or training activity resulting in the issuance of a certificate or continuing education units (CEU). These certificates and credits are issued to document an individual’s attendance and successful completion of a designated training course or learning seminar. These certifications may merely be a sign indicating a course has been completed, or may represent something deeper, such as a specific license.

There are a number of licensing bodies throughout the United States in a wide range of fields, including teaching, medical professions, business development, project management, and more. These licensing bodies designate a specific number of continuing education requirements or units onto those who hold licenses to practice within their particular industry. These continuing education requirements are designed to keep professionals within a certain industry up to date on new developments, regulations, and information in their profession.

Professionals have a number of options available to fulfil their continuing education requirements. Training in the United States is a great way to gain new information and satisfy continuing education requirements. Often times an organization will place all of their employees in a specific training course to brush up on their industry knowledge or will hire an in-house trainer to deliver the training specifically to the organization. The duration of these training courses may vary from one day to several months, depending on the continuing education requirement. Furthermore, these training courses may be offered as classroom courses or seminars, in-house courses, or online and e-learning courses. Explore the wide range of training in the United States and find an option suitable for your professional development needs.

Online Training in the United States

Throughout the 21st century, there has been a significant increase in technology. This technological revolution has made it possible to learn from remote locations and from the comfort of one’s own home. Online professional training in the United States is a field that is continuously growing and increasing in popularity. Training providers can now incorporate discussion boards, quizzes, and virtual training programs, encouraging students to interact with their online classmates and teachers.

Large seminars and conferences are usually located in larger cities within the United States. While many organizations send their employees to these conferences, it can be both time consuming and costly. Online professional development offers a cheaper alternative through online webinars. These webinars are offered either through on-demand video recordings of larger conferences or live streams of the event. Online professional webinars have made it easier for organizations of all sizes and backgrounds to receive the same training and information, but in a virtual format.

Online professional development is also a benefit to individuals seeking continuing education credits. Training providers are aware that professionals have personal lives that are just as hectic and time consuming as their professional lives. Not all professionals have the ability to take a few nights off during the week to attend a training course or seminar. By offering online professional development, professionals can train at their leisure and at their own pace. There are many critics of online training that believe an online education cannot be as powerful as a classroom education. However, online training tools are becoming more developed than ever, and many training providers even offer virtual contact or video calling with the training instructors or tutors for additional help.