03 Mar 2023

Watch: Working with You is Killing Me - Dealing with Difficult People

At some point in your career you will work with someone you find to be difficult. When we were in school, we had a teacher whose class we hated to attend. We even have family members we don’t get along with, so why wouldn’t we work with someone we find difficult? IT’S INEVITABLE.

In this webinar, Anthony Tormey (Owner, Leader Development Institute) discusses the many possibilities of why we don’t get along with certain people, the different personality types and how to understand them and identify cathartic ways to manage frustration and make room for creative solutions.

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Watch the webinar "Working with You is Killing Me - Dealing with Difficult People" by Anthony Tormey (Owner, Leader Development Institute) for free and on demand.

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Last updated: 03 Mar 2023
Anthony Tormey
Owner, Leader Development Institute and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

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