Upskilling or Reskilling: 7 Great IT Courses for 2022

Tech industry recruiting is booming. Skills training within IT can help you advance your career opportunities. Here are 7 great IT courses to get you started.

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Adaptability. It’s crucial in order to stay relevant in our current, highly competitive, and ever-changing working world. This is where upskilling or even reskilling can help you future-proof your career opportunities. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with the terms: Upskilling is focused on employees developing new competencies that relate to their current position. Reskilling is about switching lanes altogether to move into new roles. Both relate to important skills training.

Recruiting in the tech industry is on the rise. Whether you’re angling for a new status or position inside or outside your organization, training helps you to build upon and advance your current skills. 

Here are 7 courses within IT to help grow your career opportunities.

1. How to Audit IT General Controls

Every internal auditor must have a general understanding of technology— its vulnerabilities, threats, and risks— to effectively plan and execute any audit engagement.

This three-day seminar explores the IT General Controls areas that must be addressed to ensure and protect: confidentiality, integrity and availability, and privacy of our sensitive and proprietary data and information assets. Learn the key controls to help reduce risks to an acceptable or tolerable level.

2.  Security Awareness and Privacy Training

This introductory course on the basic components of information security, data privacy, and data protection serves to create a subject matter knowledge foundation for participants. Gain the skills to not only recognize, but mitigate information security threats, identify data privacy concerns, and learn best practices for securing information assets. Your choice of self-paced or instructor-led class. You can also look for penetration test companies that can offer you a significant amount of fresh insights which will help you grow even more in your expertise.

3.  Advanced IT Audit School

This course is designed with IT auditors with 5+ years of experience and those individuals tasked with auditing web servers, application servers, database management systems, and enterprise architecture in mind.

This four-day seminar covers, in-depth, essential building blocks of modern IT audit, physical and logical security, including identity and access management; threats to web-based ecommerce, as well as, service-oriented architectures including SOAP, ReST, SOA, and ESB.

4.  ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Prep Course

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification is the ideal credential for cybersecurity architects with proven technical and managerial competence.  

This CISSP training course is essential for professionals dealing with controlling, monitoring, and assessing an organization’s information technology and business systems, including: Security Consultants, Security Managers/Architects, IT Directors/Managers, Security Auditors, Security Systems Engineers, Chief Information Security Officer/Chief Information Officer (CISO/CIO), and Network Architects/Engineers.

5. Strategic Information Technology – Level 1

A foundational course with a holistic view the strategic nature of information and technology, this courses is intended for those responsible for delivering IT, ERP, CRM, and IT projects, as well as senior managers and professionals who need to understand the impact and opportunities arising from advances in IT, the internet, social media, cloud and open standards. This course covers IT Strategy, Project Management, Agile Project Management, advanced Business Intelligence, and using the web and Social Media for competitive gain. It serves to create an understanding of the advantages and risks of corporate and internet computing in achieving financial, efficiency, and other objectives

6.  Practical CyberSecurity Boot Camp

One of the greatest weaknesses many organizations have is their inability to identify and respond to security incidents. This four-day information security training course teaches security professionals how to identify business requirements and turn those requirements into a highly functional, cost-effective information security management system. 

Designed to teach security experts the business processes required to effectively govern a corporate security program, this course also teaches managers how to use information gathered through security technology tools such as an IPS, Firewall, or SIEM, to develop appropriate and timely responses to a security breach.

7.  Python for Network Automation

This course is designed for networking professionals looking to expand their capabilities by automating their workload with Python. Driven by hands-on labs for learning Python you will maximize your networking skill set by learning to script solutions to tedious networking tasks.

If you are one of the following, then you may benefit most from this course— Network Engineers, Network Architects, System Admins, DevOps Engineers, Cisco Certified Professionals (CCNA, CCNP, CCIE), and developers interested in network programmability with Python.

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