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Top 10 Most Popular Courses | Past Lists

Looking for past lists of the top 10 most popular training courses on You'll find all of them here. Click on one of the categories below to be taken directly to those lists, or just scroll down to browse them all. 













Business and Management Training Courses

We released our first list of the top 10 business and management courses in 2020. Here you will find all of the past lists that we've released of courses in this category.


  1. Sensitivity Training for Managers - Proven Training Solutions
  2. Leadership Excellence Course and Executive Coaching - Academy Leadership
  3. Situational Leadership®: Building Leaders and Leading With Emotional Intelligence - The Center for Leadership Studies
  4. Building High-Performance Teams - Chart Learning Solutions
  5. Emotional Intelligence - Bonfire Training
  6. Stress Management & Mindfulness - Harmony Strategies
  7. Communication and Team Effectiveness - Sherpa Coaching
  8. Essential Skills of Communicating - Vital Learning
  9. Core Leader Skills - Learning Point Group
  10. Management Skills for New Managers - AMA

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E-Learning Courses

We released our first list of the top 10 e-learning courses in 2020. Here you will find all of the past lists that we've released of courses in this category.


  1. Professional Bookkeeper Certification - Universal Accounting Center
  2. eLearning Course Development - Dering Consulting Group
  3. Quality Control Supervisor eCourse (QCS) - SSPC - The Society for Protective Coatings
  4. Frontline Leader Impact - Center for Creative Leadership
  5. Pass the PMP 6th Ed - E-learning - Velociteach Project Management
  6. Resolving Conflicts - Vital Learning
  7. Business Relationship Management Professional Certification Program - Corporate Education Group
  8. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence Seminar - AMA - American Management Association
  9. Sales Skills - Master Connection Associates
  10. The Breakthrough Communicator Online - Mandel Communications

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Last updated: 03 Mar 2021

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