26 Mar 2019

Supplier Spotlight: Soundview

Pocket-sized summaries that deliver a punch: Soundview saves you time while delivering the best new ideas in business

Do you want to become a better employee or manager, to make the most of your meetings, and to reach your quota more effectively? Whatever your goal—there’s a business book for that. But in the modern workplace where speed, efficiency, and innovation are top priorities, flipping your way through a lengthy business book isn’t practical.

What’s missing? Time.

Here’s how Soundview saves the day. With over 900 concisely summarized books, as well as webinars, newsletters, and instructional videos, the latest business insights are delivered to you faster than ever before.

Soundview: The Pioneer in Business Book Summaries

Forty years ago, Soundview was created with one goal in mind: to save time reading business books. Fast-forward and the company have evolved into a multifaceted training tool offering not only literature summaries, but also webinars with leading experts, a comprehensive collection of video content, and a skills-based newsletter.

According to Ursula Sharp, the company’s Director of Corporate Sales, “the idea behind Soundview was to support professionals in their learning initiatives despite time constraints.” Now, the company offers a suite of time-saving channels of information. “You can read, watch, or listen. That’s our motto,” says Sharp.

Macro Developments in Microlearning

An emerging school of thought in training and education is that the human memory works more efficiently when large amounts of information are broken down into a few, more digestible tidbits of information. Referred to as microlearning, these types of courses are easier to implement and enjoy a high rate of completion.

At the forefront of the microlearning trend is Soundview. According to Sharp, it’s all about “taking small chunks of time and really just changing the whole mindset about learning.” Bespoke learning focused on a company’s individual needs can effectively combat the “noise in a learning platform” that makes it “difficult to focus or hone in on where you’re supposed to take your learning process.”

Soundview is all about innovations in the learning industry. While Sharp jokes that “at one time our office probably had ten different electronic devices to ensure we were keeping up with the latest trends,” the company’s main goal is always giving the user a positive experience.

“Think of us as a blank canvas and you’re looking to create a roadmap. Soundview helps you navigate so that you get to your final destination.”

A Flexible Solution to Training

When creating a training package, Soundview prioritizes the learner and works to custom-tailor a training package to fit every learning culture. Most organizations use the company as an integrated piece of their learning platform. Soundview is “a fantastic way to support any ongoing learning initiatives,” and is often offered in conjunction with other content vendors.

This is why Sharp says her company “offers a level of flexibility that I don’t think any other provider can offer.” Their large library of content allows them to handpick content to meet any learning objective.

“Think of us as a blank canvas and you’re looking to create a roadmap. Soundview helps you navigate so that you get to your final destination.”

Lifetime Learning for Everyone

Soundview may have begun as a tool targeted at industry executives but has quickly evolved to address the learning needs of a wide variety of users. Their flexibility means they can pivot quickly and develop training products regardless of the user’s age, industry, or position.

Through immersing themselves in the client’s learning journey and supporting employee engagement, Soundview learns what their goals, missions, values, and competencies are. “Our philosophy is that no matter if you’re three of if you’re one-hundred-and-three, you want to continue to learn, develop, and grow throughout your life,” states Sharp.

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Last updated: 26 Mar 2019

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