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EMG Named MästarGasell by Dagens Industri

Educations Media Group (EMG), has earned the MästarGasell 2019 award from Dagens Industri (DI), the largest business newspaper in Scandinavia. 2019’s MästarGasell award marks the 20 year anniversary of the Gasell award. Only Swedish companies that have received at least three Gasell awards over the years were eligible.

Since it was founded in 2001, EMG has been driving search services for education with the vision of helping everyone in the world find the right education. They are delighted to have their success in this venture recognized with the MästarGasell award.

“It feels very fun and rewarding to receive this award from Dagens Industri. Now we are aiming to become a Gasell 2020. It’s my New Year's resolution” says Mattias Säker, COO at EMG.

"In 2018, we helped more than 30 million people find the right education, this year we expect to help up to 36 million people, from a high school student in Gothenburg, Sweden to an HR manager at Nike headquarters” - Mattias Säker, COO

“In recent years, EMG has expanded into Europe and the United States and at the same time consolidated its market-leading position in Sweden with, and Three years ago, we also acquired from Kinnevik. 2019 has started well. We are aiming for 25 percent growth this year to reach 28.7 million dollars in sales and after Q1 we are ahead of schedule”, says CEO Fredrik Söderlindh.

In the 20 years that DI has been recognizing Sweden’s fastest growing companies, around 10,000 have earned the Gasell award. EMG has previously received three Gasell awards, making it one of just 1,400 companies to earn the title MästarGasell.

“This is thanks to the clear vision that permeates the entire organization and our 150 dedicated employees who all work towards the same goal. Education is one of the world's largest sectors and has an annual underlying growth of eight percent. In 2018, we helped more than 30 million people find the right education, this year we expect to help up to 36 million people, from a high school student in Gothenburg, Sweden to an HR manager at Nike headquarters”, says Mattias Säker.

To learn more about the Gasell and MästarGasell awards, see DI’s fact sheet.

About EMG - Educations Media Group:

EMG is the market leader for education search worldwide, powering targeted search engines for everything from Undergrad, Postgraduate and MBA programs to professional development, corporate training and leisure courses. EMG collaborates with 4,000 training providers in 40 countries and helps 3 million students find the right course for their needs among the 50,000 programs available each month.

Last updated: 06 May 2019

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