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Supplier Spotlight: eLucid

eLucid illustrates how a little friendly competition can boost employee engagement and learning.

Who says learning can’t be fun, too? That’s the philosophy behind gamification, a relatively new strategy for corporate training that uses interactive learning platforms to keep employees engaged while boosting knowledge retention and growth.

Here to infuse traditionally boring training material with an element of fun is eLucid, a one-of-a-kind cloud-based learning ecosystem that offers a wide range of tools in an easy-to-use interface. Their goal? To increase learner engagement with the help of gamification and interactive content.

Injecting game-based learning modules or assessments helps create a buzz and gets employees talking about the learning experience.

Gamification: A Tool to Make Learning Fun

Bridging the gap between training course content and employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges for corporate learning programs. Now, organizations can harness the power of gamification in the workplace to overcome the tired notion that “training programs are boring.” Now—they’re fun!

eLucid has introduced a little friendly competition into their training programs. Leaderboards and points let coworkers compare their progress and a rewards system keeps employees incentivized by acknowledging the time and effort they invest in the learning process. Injecting game-based learning modules or assessments helps create a buzz and gets employees talking about the learning experience.

Learning to the People

A good training program can reach employees across a wide spectrum of roles – from the most experienced CEO to the wide-eyed intern, everyone should actively learn and participate. Gamification can meet those needs.

Many of eLucid’s clients come from the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, where rigorous training demands are met with a high level of investment. Such companies can build tailored content for any employee with game-based instructional design that awards badges and rewards for logging in and completing courses. One lucky employee was even given access to the company car for an entire month!

It’s just one example of how gamification provides creative solutions to training needs.

Revolutionizing Workplace Learning

The goal of eLucid is to change the way we look at learning—to, “make Employees fall in love with Learning.”

They see the growth of gamification as a way to revolutionize modern learning—both within organizations and in grade school and universities. By transforming learning into an enjoyable experience, giving users the chance to “level up” and be recognized for their achievements, gamification appeals to our human desire to play games.

If the future of training and education lies in playing games, it sounds like a fun future to us!

Is Gamification Right for Your Organization?

Gamification is still largely an untapped resource—in our survey of L&D professionals we found that only 21% of them plan to use game-based learning in 2019.

To those who are still considering implementing game-based and interactive learning into their L&D programs, eLucid says it has multifold benefits. Perhaps the greatest unsung benefit of such learning techniques is the high employee retention rate. According to eLucid, “if there’s anything that’s going to ramp up that ROI in L&D, it’s gamification!”

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Last updated: 15 Mar 2019

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