02 Oct 2020

Communication Skills Assessment - Test Yourself!

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Presenting with Impact

Elevate your presentation style and leadership toolkit by practicing audience analysis, assertive communication, and question handling.

Being able to communicate well with a wide variety of people can greatly improve your workplace interactions and overall career success. Possessing knowledge of effective communication techniques can help you get your point across more easily, generate influence and make others feel valued.

Proficiency in communication can come naturally to some, while others need to focus more on what they can do to improve. Fortunately, communication is a skill, and knowing your communication aptitude can help you build upon your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Very rarely is someone a perfect communicator - there are things we can all do to improve our skills and hone our style.

Types of communication skills

Despite common perception, there is much more to communication than just verbal communication skills. Body language, listening, assertiveness and persuasion are all communication skills in their own right. The best communicators are the ones who are able to leverage each component into their own style effectively. 

Testing your communication skills

This communication skills assessment measures several dimensions of interpersonal communication, including non-verbal communication, listening and your understanding of some key communication concepts.

The communication skills test relies on self-report. While highlighting our own communication weaknesses can be tough, answering honestly rather than providing the answer you hope is true will give you the most accurate results. Accurate test results can then help you determine specific steps for improvement, choose the right communication skills training program and begin achieving real skill success. Good luck!

Last updated: 02 Oct 2020

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