23 Mar 2021

Psychological Well-Being During COVID-19 [Free Report Download]

Genos International is a global leader in emotional intelligence tools and training

We develop and apply emotional intelligence at work so people can better connect, communicate, and collaborate. We work in over 33 countries and are recognized as one of the Top 20 Global Organizations in the Assessment and Evaluation space. We deliver on our mission with transformational content, great digital technology, exceptional customer service, passionate partners, and clients who want to lead their industries.

Research has shown that situations like the one we are facing with COVID-19 can elevate levels of fear, anxiety, and stress in the community. To support professionals worldwide in this difficult time, we’ve hosted a series of free webinars, including one on Psychological Well-Being.

We surveyed participants both prior to and several weeks after our Psychological Well-Being webinar to find out how they were coping with the stress of the pandemic. This report presents the data we gathered and offers insight into strategies for maintaining psychological well-being in the face of COVID-19.

Download our free report on Psychological Well-Being During COVID-19 to learn about:

  • The 4 types of proactive strategies for managing our emotional responses

  • Which strategies for psychological well-being are most often employed by professionals worldwide

  • How to develop greater empathy by engaging in mindful listening

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Last updated: 23 Mar 2021

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