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Conferences Empowering Women in the Workplace and Winners of ATD Talent Development Awards

On Monday May 7th, Obama kicked off ATD's yearly international conference and exposition in San Diego, California. Known for being the largest event for talent development professionals worldwide, the conference is aimed at providing the most up to date knowledge needed to effectively train and develop talent. 

During his speech, Obama spoke out about learning and development, stating that when training is focused on getting people to tap into their best selves is when you see the strongest results. Another main point that was touched upon during his keynote was the importance of listening to women in the workplace, which was further amplified in an education session led by Tacy Byham of Development Dimensions International.

During this session, some influential statistics regarding women were shared: "Women make up 57 percent of college graduates and 53 percent of the workforce but less than 20 percent of C-suite executives and only 6 percent of Fortune CEOs (Chief Learning Officer)." In addition studies have found that top performing companies have a considerably higher amount of women on their leadership teams. 

During the session it was determined that that gender equality in the workplace is more than just a social issue: it is a business issue. According to Byham, women with proper mentor training are less likely to see barriers for growth and are more likely to be promoted. However, studies have found that 56 percent of women have never had a formal mentor. See the full article at Chief Learning Officer to learn the power moves that were discussed to create change for women in the workplace.

Later in the month, on Tuesday, May 22, at UCSB in Santa Barbra, the annual Professional Development Conference presented by the Professional Women's Association (PWA) is scheduled to take place. This event is open to all that are connected to the UCSB campus, as well as other interested members in the community. It features speakers, panelists and workshops that focus on personal and professional development. (Sources:Chief Learning Officer and Noozhawk

What does this mean for professional development?

The need for diversity and gender equality in the workplace is an issue that has been occurring for a long time and that is still being addressed today, as seen at the ATD conference and PWA Professional Development Conference. With the conversation continuing to grow, women should begin to see less barriers and a rise in professional development opportunities

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Winners Revealed for ATD Talent Development Awards

Every year the Association for Talent Development (ATD) recognizes organizations and individuals for their devotion and contribution to workplace learning and development. According to ATD President and CEO, Tony Bingham, "ATD Award winners reflect a deep commitment to the value of developing people in the workplace. Winning organizations demonstrate how aligning developing talent to business needs can increase the performance and success of organizations worldwide."

This year the Conference and Exposition was held in San Diego, California, with the winners announced on May 8th. Some of the awards include the ATD Dissertation Award, Distinguished Contribution to Talent Development Award, Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Distinguished Contribution to Talent Development Award. To see the full list of 2017 Award Winners, you can visit the ATD website. (Source: benzinga)

What does this mean for professional development?

The annual awards offered by ATD serve as a benchmark for learning and development excellence and increase workforce competence and organizational competitiveness. They inspire companies to promote a strong learning culture, increasing the amount of professional development opportunities offered for employees around the world. 

Last updated: 25 Feb 2020

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