04 Mar 2021

Best Practices for Excellent Presentations in the Virtual World [Free White Paper Download]

Mandel is the proven expert in the science of communication in a complex world.

The transition to virtual is not a natural one for most presenters. 

Few people come naturally prepared with the presentation delivery skills required to powerfully engage a virtual audience and deliver a clear, credible, and compelling message in a virtual venue.

Even great face-to-face presenters can struggle when presenting online.

Yet, virtual presentations and webinars are now fundamental to business world communications.

Download this whitepaper to learn:

The Keys to Creating Memorable Virtual Presentation Content

  • It All Starts with the Story
  • Good Picture Is Worth at Least a Thousand Words
  • Create Effective Speaker Notes…Then Use Them Masterfully

The Essential Delivery Skills for Engaging Virtual Presentations

  • Use Vocal Energy to Engage Your Audience
  • Be Ready for Q&A
  • Sit Locally…Speak Globally

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Last updated: 04 Mar 2021

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