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Podcast: The Art and Craft of Storytelling

While the theater and business worlds may seem far apart, there’s one area in which they both overlap: storytelling. Whether actor or marketer, director or project manager, producer or CEO. Each must have the ability to share a story or vision that will capture an audience and persuade them to spend their hard-earned time and/or money.

In this episode, podcast host Patrick Oliver Jones sits down with speaker and filmmaker Max Stossel. He’s been telling stories for years in both the corporate world and onstage, so who better to bridge this gap and show how both can learn from creativity and authenticity. He also worked as a media strategist and shares his thoughts on the all-important social media landscape as well.

Listen to the interview with Max Stossel

You’ll Learn:

  • How to get an idea from your brain down onto the page.
  • Why Max created his award-winning show Words That Move.
  • What speakers can learn from actors about presentation and performance.
  • How much the audience factors into the crafting of your story.
  • Whether to gear your writing towards print, lecture, or video.

About Max

Max Stossel is an Award winning poet, filmmaker and speaker, named by Forbes as one of the best storytellers of the year. Spanning across five continents, from Lincoln Center in NY to the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Max’s performances have been described as mind-expanding, profound, and hilarious all at once. His one-man show “Words That Move” (pre-covid) was selling out theaters all over the country and is currently being developed into a digital special. Max's work has been translated to fourteen languages, won multiple film festivals, and has been viewed over 20 million times online you can see more at


Why I’ll Never Make It is a Top 25 Theater Podcast exploring the reasons actors and creative professionals don’t succeed and the challenges they face in trying to “make it” in this business. Interviews range from Broadway producers like Hal Luftig and psychologists like Alisa Hurwitz to work-a-day actors, composers, directors, and teachers. They all share a common theme of how hard this industry can be, and each guest reveals lessons they have learned and what keeps them going through all the ups and downs.

Last updated: 17 Nov 2021

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