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The purpose of this podcast is to discuss, share, and reflect upon effective, and efficient ways in which to realize ERP organizational change. We seek to promote, connect, and foster relationships in the ERP organizational change community and to bring research and practice closer together. We discuss the people, the process, and the technology components of ERP organizational change.

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About this episode

In this episode, we discuss “An ERP Critical Success Factor: Organizational Learning“ with Dr. Clark Quinn. This episode will examine the influences that could enhance learning and performance in an organization through research-based principles.

We examine organizational learning and how, as Dr. Quinn describes, “learning science allows L&D to design and make decisions on a sound understanding of how we think, work, and learn”. We will explore several topics with Clark including; some learning principles founded in sound research, learning myths (and why they are appealing), why L&D should be a strategic influence during ERP organizational change, L&D and organizational performance, challenges of effective L&D, measurement and evaluation, and more.

What you'll learn

  • How organizational Learning is an ERP critical success factor
  • Organizational influences on learning and performance
  • Why learning and development (L&D) is a strategic influence in Organizational Change.
  • Learning Science - how we think work and learn

Dr. Clark Quinn – Dr. Quin is Executive Director at Quinnovation and has been involved in the design, development, and/or evaluation of a wide variety of educational technology for over 30 years.

Clark keynotes both nationally and internationally and is the author of numerous articles, chapters and books. Dr. Quinn has, to date, written six books at the intersection of learning and technology. His most recent books include “Learning Science for Instructional Designers”, “Millennials, Goldfish & Other Training Misconceptions”, and “Revolutionize Learning & Development”.

Dr. Quinn serves as a director and treasurer of the International Board for Standards in Training, Performance, and Instruction, and is on the advisory board for the Learning Development Accelerator and Boise State’s program in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning.

Connect with Clark Quinn

Last updated: 15 Feb 2022

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